rties arguing, Hudson simply closed his eyes to rest. Paying attention to aristocratic etiquette is just because the temptation is not big enough.

The reserves of the magic crystal mine in front of me are not generally rich. If you fully exploit it, you can easily earn millions of gold coins in net profit every year.
No one is willing to give up such a huge fortune. What’s more, magic crystal is different from ordinary commodities. It is also an important cultivation resource and strategic resource.
“Okay, everyone. It is difficult to keep the news of the magic crystal mine secret for a long time. Instead of worrying about the distribution of the magic crystal mine, it is better to think about how to deal with the kingdom first.
According to the laws of the kingdom, all magic crystal mines belong to the central government, and we have no right to mine them. ”
Governor Pierce said with a gloomy expression.
The benefits are exciting. Even if the curse problem is not solved, it cannot stop everyone’s enthusiasm for the magic crystal mine.
The biggest problem facing everyone now is the Kingdom.
The magic crystal mines discovered in the past were not within their own sphere of influence, so everyone naturally supported nationalization.
This time the magic crystal mine has arrived at the doorstep, and since vital interests are involved, no one can be so generous.
“Your Majesty the Governor, you cannot hand over the magic crystal mine!
Our southeastern province has changed from the rear to the front line. If a war breaks out in the future, the demand for magic crystals will definitely be huge.
Relying solely on the Kingdom’s deployment may not be able to meet demand. ”
An impatient young nobleman spoke first.
No matter how nonsense the reason is, it is better than no reason at all. But these reasons are obviously not sufficient and cannot convince the kingdom at all.
Ordinary small and medium-sized nobles may not feel much if they forcefully compete with the central government, but Governor Pierce will be under great pressure.
“No, the ownership of the magic crystal mine is clearly stipulated in the kingdom’s laws. It is legally unjustifiable to forcefully refuse the kingdom’s nationalization.
Once things come to a standstill, the Kingdom’s standing army marches in directly and forcibly takes over the magic crystal mine. We can’t raise an army to rebel! ”
Viscount Caillot hurriedly jumped out and objected.
Although the benefits of the magic crystal mine are great, there are too many people participating in dividing the cake, and the number of specific points divided into individual hands is actually limited.
/For the Dalton family, having this wealth is great, but not having this wealth will not affect their status.
If it weren’t for the fact that as the boss, he had to protect the interests of his younger brothers, Governor Pierce might just let him go.
For no other reason, as long as it can delay the development of the Koslow family, this strategic abandonment is worth it.
“Of course it is not advisa