ble to raise troops to rebel; it is also not advisable to give up the magic crystal mine.

Now the outside world only suspects that there is a magic crystal mine in Blood Moon County, and there is no substantial evidence. There is nothing we can do for the time being.
As long as everyone insists that the magic crystal mine does not exist, it will be difficult for the kingdom to find out anything in a short period of time.
With Blood Moon County as our cover, as long as we act more carefully and don’t take away the mined magic crystals, it will be difficult for the kingdom to catch us.
Or simply use the excuse of a plague to seal off the blood moon county for dozens of miles, prohibiting any outsiders from entering or exiting.
If you can mine it for one year, it counts as one year. No matter how long we can hide it, we will still make money. ”
Hudson suggested with a smile.
Without mining the magic crystal mine, everyone refused to let go. Once mining yields huge returns, it will be even harder for everyone to let go.
Once the fact of possessing and mining the magic crystal mine is established, the central government will still have to deal with it by the governor when things get complicated in the future.
It can be said that everyone present was a beneficiary of Hudson’s proposal, except for the Governor who was a little injured.
“Earl Hudson, the laws of the kingdom are strict. Private mining of magic crystal mines is a serious crime and cannot be fooled by a few words.
The vision spread so widely that once the kingdom made up its mind to pursue it, it would soon be able to target Blood Moon County.
The more we cover up, the more likely we are to attract Kingdom attention. It’s just a small fuss. Once large-scale mining is carried out, the matter cannot be hidden at all. ”
Governor Pierce said with an embarrassed look.
The authority of the central government of the Alpha Kingdom is still there. Even if the authority of Caesar IV is far less than that of the deceased Caesar III, it is not easy to shake.
In recent years, just suppressing the Koslow family has made the Dalton family physically and mentally exhausted, and they really have no time to confront the royal government.
“As for the issue of secret mining, we have to ask Viscount Autumn. The fact that they have been able to hide it from us for hundreds of years is enough to prove their level of concealment.
If this beast tide hadn’t been an accident, I guess it wouldn’t have been discovered in a hundred years. ”
Hudson said with a half-smile.
This is not because he wants to embarrass Viscount Autumn, but their problems are really too big. Unless the nobles of the whole province are dragged into the water, once the news of the magic crystal mine reaches the royal capital, their whole family will be completely devastated.
“Thank you for the compliment, Lord Earl. We do have some experience in keeping secrets.
/As long as we adopt a fully closed management system with no entry and no exit, do not recruit local laborers, and use slaves exclusivel