“There are too few Dao Secret Stone fragments here, far less than No. 4. If you want to get more, you can go over there.” There was a flash of water, and the strange man rushed out from the sea. He also picked up a small fragment. A piece of blue Taoist secret stone fragment, said with a smile.
He was dressed in cyan armor and had a strong aura. His long silver hair was fluttering. When his eyes opened and closed, two lightning bolts flashed through the void.
/At this time, an explosion began to erupt on the other side of Trench No. 4. He drove the shuttle and flew away at high speed.
“He is very efficient, traveling between the two places.” Ling Han curled his lips.
“Let’s go over and have a look.” Wang Xuan said. This time, others were also tempted. Others were so efficient, and they wanted to try it too.
“Let’s go!” In an instant, they were on their way.
“Oh, you guys are really here?” The silver-haired man was smiling and wearing cyan armor. He was not handsome by any means, but his temperament was outstanding.
“I made a promise first. If you pick up the Dao Ze Secret Stone fragments here, I will take away 30% of it.” The man in green armor spoke up and actually made such a request.
“Why?” Gu Qing suddenly quit. At this time, the destructive material in Trench 4 that exploded was rapidly falling back, and it would calm down in a moment.
“If you are traveling with me, this is always the rule. If you don’t believe me, ask them.” The silver-haired man pointed at several strangers around him.
The six strangers all nodded.
“We don’t agree. It’s impossible to exploit us!” Ansheng shouted, mainly because Wang Qingzhou was here, and he had a certain confidence.
“Trench No. 4 was not opened by your family. Everyone relies on luck to fish for strange stones. Why do you need to draw blood?” Cai Mei also shouted angrily.
The man wearing cyan armor said: “If you don’t follow the rules here, you guys will go to the trench to pick up the secret stones. There is no place for you in this area.”
At this time, the Trench 4 area is about to stabilize.
Next to them, one of the six strangers said, “Don’t you know that this is Taoist Brother Yu Yan? If he is with us, our safety can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.”
“Yu Yan who broke through the Tianyuan Dojo?!” Zhuo Yue’s expression changed. If it was this person, it would not be surprising. He was a peerless expert in the realm of strangers.
“It’s you, Yu Yan?!” Ling Han was surprised. Although he had heard about it, this was the first time he saw it. The other party was the Lu Breaker who had a competitive relationship with Yi Hui. He was the famous third brother of Tianyuan Dojo. He controlled them. In the mythical world, there is no opponent in the alien realm!
Yu Yan looked at her, a little surprised, and said: “So it’s you, I really didn’t recognize it at first. Well, I’ve seen your portrait, Ming Xuan’s junior sister Ling Han? You can make an exception, I won’t take any commission. ”
/He reciprocated his kindness and said with a smile: “After all, we a