Su Hongyu looked nervous, then calmed down, no longer worrying about gains and losses.

In front of Di Chen, resistance is meaningless.
“The descendants of Emperor Zhao are much better than the descendants of other Immortal Emperors. They are worthy of the First Emperor’s family.”
Emperor Chen looked at Su Hongyu, praised him again and again, changed the subject, and said, “Fellow Daoist Xu, when I was refining the Dao Tianxi, I was thinking about what I would do if I were Emperor Zhao and faced the catastrophe of annihilation. ? Now let me ask you, if you were Emperor Zhao, what would you do?”
Xu Ying thought for a moment and said: “I will seek a way to save the Hunyuan Universe. I will leave the Hunyuan Universe and go to other places in the Chaos Sea to seek the truth of the great road and then save me.”
Di Chen shook his head and said: “Searching for the truth of the Great Dao? This goal is too ambitious. The Dao Alliance has been searching for the truth of the Great Dao for hundreds of millions of years, but has not found it? This method is not the way to save the Hunyuan universe. Moreover, you are not based on the Hunyuan universe. Think about the universe.”
Xu Ying brought himself into the perspective of Emperor Zhao and said: “If I were Emperor Zhao, with great talents, great wisdom, and supreme power, I would, I would.”
He looked strange and said in a strange way: “Set up a harvesting game. In this game, all living beings, monks, and the universe are not my harvesting targets. My harvesting targets are those beings who are as powerful as me and have reached the end of the road. .”
His expression became more and more strange, thinking of the world of Yuanshou, and said: “Only by harvesting such existences can I take my Taoism one step further and get closer to the truth of the Taoism. I will leave a piece of the Hunyuan Taoist Heavenly Seal, As a symbol of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor”
When he said this, Di Chen took over his words and continued: “In the name of great righteousness, I can let the new generation of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor imprint his Taoism on the Hunyuan Dao Celestial Seal. In the name of great righteousness, let The new generation of Immortal Emperors took the initiative to take the place of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty and suffer the tribulation. Even if the new Immortal Emperor is not robbed, the power of the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi has far exceeded that of the emperors, so suppress them and let them suffer the tribulation.”
Xu Ying exhaled a breath and said: “And I, through the Hunyuan Dao Celestial Seal, harvested generations of Hunyuan Immortal Emperors, their wisdom, and their Taoism. My cultivation strength is getting stronger and stronger. The stronger you get, the closer you get to the truth of the great road.”
/Di Chen said: “If I were Di Zhao, I would use this method.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “I can’t.”
Di Chen glanced at him and said, “You just explained this method very clearly, don’t you know how?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said decisively, “I have seen many s