as good as promised. I am here to visit you today.”

Xu Ying asked Xian Qi: “Is the Cui family in the capital of God the same Cui Dongli who always wants to challenge me but never dares to take action?”
An Qi said: “It’s probably him.”
A man and a snake followed the sound, and saw a young man walking towards the hibiscus tree. The atrium was full and the equipment was extraordinary. When he walked, he was filled with immortal energy, his eyes were beautiful, his heart encompassed the universe, and he had a kind of transcendental demeanor.
He was dressed in purple, and followed behind him was a green bull. The green bull was strong and strong, with muscles all over its body, and its hide was bulging. The bull’s eyes were round, like light and electricity, and its evil aura was amazing. When he came, he saw dark clouds rolling and covering A radius of dozens of miles!
The man in purple bowed to Xu Ying and said with a smile: “Xiao Guike, the guest from Shangjing Palace. When I left the palace this time, I heard that today’s monks have gone astray and that Nuo methods are prevalent, so I asked for advice everywhere without any success. I tried to correct this unhealthy trend. Although Xie Qi has defeated the heirs of major families in Shendu, they say that only by defeating Brother Xu can they prove that Qi Refining is superior.”
He bowed slightly and said, “Brother Xu, please give me some advice.”
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said to Shi Yuqing behind him: “Madam, you just said you couldn’t repay him, but now the opportunity to repay him has come. Go and send him away.”
/Shi Yuqing’s heart was slightly shaken, and she whispered: “My husband doesn’t know something, but he is the descendant of Shangjing Palace. Shangjing Palace is a sect in ancient times. It is said that there are very few disciples, but the ones selected are all outstanding people. They Shangjing Palace , there will be an immortal in this life, and every generation of their palace masters can ascend!”
Xu Ying asked doubtfully: “Can they survive the super catastrophe?”
Shi Yuqing whispered, “After the super calamity appears, the palace master of Shangjing Palace will not be able to ascend. However, each generation of descendants of Shangjing Palace are also extremely outstanding people, quite powerful.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “You have opened the Five Secrets, and now your cultivation strength has greatly increased. You can fight him in the realm of the Five Immortals.”
Shi Yuqing stepped forward bravely, thinking: “Although Xiao Guike is a descendant of Shangjing Palace, the inheritance of my Shushan Sword Sect is not inferior at all.”
But she still has hidden worries in her heart. The inheritance of Shangjing Palace is extremely mysterious, but many of the inheritance of Jianmen have been lost. The profound sword techniques of Jianmen are written in immortal runes and are difficult to decipher.
Although she is smart, she still has difficulty understanding the inheritance left by the sword immortals of the past generations.