e creatures in this realm were.

Nearby, many decayed universes were shattered. Although he had already reached the end of his life, if you look closely, it was ultimately caused by him overcoming the tribulation.
Wang Xuan looked back, soft texture flowing out of his body, transcending time, turning into layers of sacred ripples, covering the entire time and space.
In an instant, the destroyed ancient universes were quickly restored, the dark galaxies were rearranged, and the broken planets were reshaped.
For a time, the decayed ancient universe regained its original dim light.
In the distance, Zhenwang Yang and Wu were finally approaching Mainland No. 3, but after careful calculation, they were still in deep space. It would take some time. After a relative walk of a hundred years, they were naturally very close now.
Of course, in the next few days, the True King will still have to cross countless universes on his way.
Wu suddenly stopped and said, “Huh? For a moment, I sensed true king-level fluctuations in the distance, but they were quickly blocked again.”
Yang Wenyan frowned and said: “It seems that it is not my own illusion. I also felt it vaguely. My prediction was correct. The true king of the year was recovering and was approaching the six extraordinary sources. Someone just inadvertently leaked it. The whereabouts quickly cut off all kinds of causal and fateful paths.”
Wu, who was tall with thick hair and a sense of oppression, looked into the distance and said: “Interesting, it is near this land, it must be consistent with our destination. I haven’t moved for decades. Maybe I just arrived here, and I have to go there.” Meet the ‘old friends’ who survived the last real war and compete again?”
Yang said in a deep voice: “The real king-level battle hasn’t happened for many years. The last time I just passed by that mysterious man, I didn’t really fight.”
/Wang Xuan was far away from the New Mythical World and far enough away from Source No. 3. However, he did not expect that there were two true kings rushing in the deep space to capture the last remaining fluctuations of his tribulation.
His hand brushed across the deep space, and not only the broken universes were restored, but in an instant, all traces of the True King were permanently erased and disappeared. It was as if he had never been here before.
He turned and left, took one step, and his figure was lost in the entire time and space.
Wang Xuan, with his hands behind his back, stood on a small boat deep in the mist of the world, overlooking the world, as if looking at an old and mottled picture.
His eyes were deep, staring at everything that existed now, as if he was seeing the future of the Yin Liu Realm. He sighed, always feeling sad that the ending was destined.
“Destiny is impermanent, and its trajectory is always changing. Nothing remains unchanged. In the past, the Yangjiu Realm was extinguished, but it was still not strong enough after all. But in this life, I am here.”
/Wang Xuan embarked on his return journey. In order not to dis