It is said that the rent of Buwen Restaurant was 20 yuan a day from the beginning.

It is said that the rent of Buwen Restaurant was 20 yuan a day from the beginning.
We have no objection to paying the money, Ms. Wang said graciously, but you renting the radio to Bu Wen Restaurant makes us very passive. As a radio owner, you should have thought of avoidance when renting it out and should not instigate it. strife.
There is no such thing as vicious competition in the Xuanqing plane, but there is the crime of instigation!
The crime of incitement covers a wide range and does not simply refer to gossiping. Like what Li Changsheng did, he rented radios to two restaurants that were very close to each other. Once there was a conflict between these two restaurants, Li Changsheng was suspected of instigating.
——Without the radio, there would be no conflict between the two families.
Mr. Li, you rented out radios and made a lot of money, but you didn’t consider the consequences of destroying social harmony?
/This plane does not talk about “you can do whatever is not prohibited by law”, but talks about “besides legal principles, it is nothing more than human feelings.”
/When Li Yongsheng rented out the radio, he did not consider the competitive relationship between the two companies, which was already suspected of being unstable. Now that someone has officially raised it, he even knowingly committed the crime, which is really suspected of deliberately instigating it.
Of course, whether he can be convicted is another matter.
Li Yongsheng didn’t know much about the crime of incitement, and he didn’t expect that there was a bomb hidden in the couple’s accusations.
He thought this accusation was ridiculous, but he could understand the other party’s mood, so he was not angry, but asked directly, if Bu Wenjia got the radio first, wouldn’t you have come to rent it from me?
If you want justice, turn it upside down!
The Wangs and his wife cannot answer this question. They can speak without conscience, but this kind of dishonest behavior will be poked in the back!
Wang hesitated and said that when we rented the radio, we paid twenty silver dollars and took a risk.
Then you can return it now. Li Yongsheng is not happy. I didn’t force you to rent it at the beginning. If you thought the risk was high, would you rent it at that time?
Besides, is it possible that doing business these days is risk-free? Even riding a horse and riding in a sedan chair is still dangerous.
The Wangs came to ask for an explanation, but they didn’t want to give up the radio at all – if they really had to transfer it, they would add two silver dollars and give it to others.
So Zeng Xianhong asked very casually, after the expiration of one month, can we renew the lease?
Of course, you have to pay rent when you renew your lease.
Li Yongsheng still likes to deal with such understanding people, so he nodded. You are the first batch of tenants after all. This is fate. If you are willing to pay, you will be given priority to renew the lease.
When Wang heard this, she completely understood. Although she was still a l