owned lightly. , his eyes were a little strange, “You are the owner of our restaurant, right?”

“I have many properties, and it is impossible to personally take care of every property. I have to rely on the shopkeeper below. Please understand Mr. Hu,” Zhao Xinxin replied seriously, “Shopkeeper Li is someone I trust very much. He is responsible for the affairs of our restaurant. Make the decision.”
Hu Heng hit a soft spot. He really didn’t want to talk to Li Yongsheng, “Junior sister Zhao, for the sake of my fellow disciples.” ”
/I’ve done it for the sake of my fellow disciples. I was practicing just now and came here specially. ,” Zhao Xinxin stated her position very simply, “You have also seen that I hope to withdraw the complaint, but you are late. You are so unwilling to give my shopkeeper face, how do you want me to help you?” ”
I” Hu Heng is really another person. Angry and funny, “Junior Sister Zhao, he is just your servant, why should I give him face?” ”
Let me correct your two views. First, he is not my servant, he is a collaborator,” Zhao Xinxin raised her eyebrows He raised a green finger and then raised a second one, “Second, even if he is a servant, since I am responsible for him, of course I have to trust him.” ”
Otherwise, my other properties will be difficult to manage, you understand. Hu
Heng was so angry that his face turned green. He turned to look at Li Yongsheng and asked, “Can you please give me a pleasant word and withdraw the lawsuit?”
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes at him, turned to look at his schoolmate, smiled and cupped his hands, “Senior Liu, today I will make an exception to give you face. I will withdraw your accusation. As you can see, I won’t even give you face despite the pressure from Xuannv Palace.
” What a slap in the face!
Senior Liu and others have been listening nearby and don’t even have the courage to interrupt. Who in Suzaku City dares to offend the disciples of Xuannv Palace?
When they heard that Shopkeeper Li rejected Xuannv Palace’s request, they all felt desperate. However, they never thought that they would turn around and immediately announce that they would withdraw the petition.
Senior Liu was stunned, the waiter’s family was stunned, Hu Heng was stunned, and even Deng Die was stunned.
The senior was the first to react, smiling and cupping his hands, “Thank you very much, Yongsheng, I will remember this friendship.”
Anyway, we decided to withdraw the petition first.
Hu Heng was furious, “Shopkeeper Li, are you deliberately going against my Xuannv Palace?”
Li Yongsheng smiled disdainfully, “How can you represent Xuannv Palace? What a big face!”
“You are so brave. Just say it again!” Hu Heng took a step forward with a livid face, feeling like he was about to take action.
“Ahem,” the tall old man in Binbei’s Double Poison coughed twice, “My proprietor is also a disciple of Xuannv Palace.”
Hu Heng was immediately speechless. After a moment of confusion, he turned around and walked out. “Li, you’d better think about it yourself, whether yo