slightly, and three tall, beautiful young girls walked out of the elevator.

slightly, and three tall, beautiful young girls walked out of the elevator.
Seeing Zhang Lisheng’s back, the girls’ eyes lit up and they walked over together. One of them came behind the young man and said She gave him a kiss directly and said, “Baby, I have already contacted Dr. Quickenan from the Brain Surgical Institute in Los Angeles, Dr. Jane Veney from the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, and Dr. Spring from the Swiss Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Quickenan will be able to arrive in New York in the afternoon at the latest, and then conduct a consultation with Dr. Spring and Dr. Jeanvini via the Internet. He will have a night’s rest and, if necessary, can perform surgery early tomorrow morning. ”
/Thank you Tina, I think this is the most perfect state.” Zhang Lisheng turned to look at the girl with a smile, pointed at the mentor and the “Naval Investigation Bureau” agent beside him and said, “This is my mentor Steve.” Professor Fen, this is Captain Harvey of NCIS, the Naval Investigative Service. He is responsible for the case of Professor Efeni being attacked. ”
/Hello, Professor Stephen, I am Li Sheng’s girlfriend Tina. These two are my good friends Tracey and Shelia. They are also very good friends with Li Sheng.”
We heard about Professor Efeni’s unfortunate experience while having lunch together, so we rushed over to visit him.
Hello Captain Harvey, I have seen the “Naval Investigation Service” in the TV series. I hope you are as good as in reality and can catch the criminal who attacked Professor Efeni. ”
Tina’s words were appropriate and humane. Just as Stephen was about to express his gratitude, Harvey had already said with an embarrassed face: “Don’t worry, Miss Tina, we will do our best to catch the criminal who robbed the ‘laboratory’.
But just because of the need to solve the case, Professor Efeni is now ‘visit restricted’, so you may not be able to visit her, I’m sorry. “Although the content of his speech was a bit impolite, his tone was very gentle.
“Oh, this is really a pity, but I can understand your difficulties,” Tina was stunned for a moment and smiled educatedly, “Since In that case, we won’t disturb you and just leave first.
Professor Stephen, please don’t worry too much. I think Professor Efeni will be fine. ”
Thank you, Miss Tina. ” “Stephen’s exhausted face showed a grateful smile. It seems that as long as a man treats an elegant, dignified and beautiful young lady, his attitude will become much kinder. “Li Sheng, since we’re ‘restricting visits’, we shouldn’t let Ha. Captain Wade was in a dilemma.
You and Miss Tina go together. Thank you very much for your help, kid. ”
Oh, Professor Stephen, Mr. Li Sheng may not be able to leave yet. I have a few questions to ask him about the attack.” “Hearing what Stephen said, Harvey hurriedly stopped him.
“I have questions to ask him, but my students returned to New York long before the attack in the laboratory.
Captain Harveyd, he is different from Justin. Li Sheng is a truly talented biologist, and has a net