ion can be seen, it seems to be covering large areas of a long river of chaos.

It’s like it’s right in front of you.
But Zhang Jian knew that although it seemed to be right in front of him, the long azure river was still far away from him, and it might span the area of ??infinite chaos.
At this time, the long azure river exuded a magnificent power of attraction. Suddenly, Zhang Jian saw many strange creatures emerging from the depths of the long river of chaos, actively moving toward the place where the long azure river fell, going crazy. Get close, even if you don’t hesitate to reveal your true identity.
Among them were the hair-sized bugs that Zhang Jian had come into contact with before.
In addition, there are many chaotic creatures hidden in the depths of the Chaos River.
These chaotic creatures are all kinds of strange things. Among them are centipede-tailed monsters with human body and deer head, and there are also big eyes with long slow eyes. We even see a huge snake with a majestic figure, like a manifestation of the chaotic river, rising into the sky and moving towards madly. The long azure river rushes away.
The divine energy it emits is extremely vast, and it is probably an extremely powerful chaotic creature, close to the level of a third-level Taoist.
Except for this giant chaos snake, other chaotic creatures are not weak either.
In essence, they seem to be creatures born from chaotic rules and concepts, which are very powerful.
After a while, many chaotic creatures were seen rushing into the depths of the azure river.
Zhang Jian frowned slightly. He could feel that the azure river had a pull on his soul and true body. It seemed that it contained an unusually mysterious substance that could have an effect on him.
But out of caution, he had no idea of ??getting involved directly.
But out of curiosity, he still condensed a Taixu spiritual body and flew towards the direction of the azure river.
His Taixu spiritual body is purely formed by the condensation of magic. Even if it is lost, it is just a loss of Taoism, essence and blood.
This little bit of Taoism can easily be compensated for by essence and blood.
After Taixu’s spiritual body entered the azure river, Zhang Jian felt that he had completely lost contact with it.
In an instant, the long green river above the sky slowly became dim, and all living creatures gradually disappeared.
Zhang Jian appeared again from the river of chaos.
There was something strange in his heart.
The green river appeared a bit strange that day, and its power was mighty, even stronger than many chaotic natural disasters at the highest level.
He frowned. He couldn’t tell whether this phenomenon occurred naturally in the depths of the Chaos River, or was it man-made?
/Zhang Jian let go as soon as his thoughts changed.
For him, there are still too many mysteries in the depths of the original ocean of chaos.
Since I can’t figure out the reason, it’s .
Leave this place immediately and look for a new gathering place of chaotic inspiration.
Not long after, th