matches a purple-yellow Dao map.

That is his natal path, the map of mountains, rivers, and the country.
This picture is combined with the fairy court and heaven. The fairy court is the picture of mountains and rivers, but the picture of mountains and rivers is not the picture of fairyland and heaven.
I wonder how outsiders can hide it from him when they break into the absolute domain he controls.
Tianhe Daojun thought he was smart, but he didn’t know that every move he made was reflected in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
He used the authority of Emperor Qian Tian to open a back door in the heaven and heaven.
In fact, this backdoor is a dead end.
The four gods of the Changqing Immortal Alliance entered the Immortal Heaven Realm through this dead end, which meant they entered the desperate situation on their own.
Zhang Jian just raised a hand slightly, and the boundless immortal heaven’s divine power suppressed the gods in the realm of Qian Tiansheng. In an instant, the gods seemed to have fallen into endless purgatory.
Chapter 747: Opening the Sky Brand
“The Eighth Palace of the Soul, the secret method of the Heavenly Wheel!”
In the boundless darkness, a sudden change occurred, and a layer of intense spiritual light shone in the depths of Guangyu Taoist Master’s eyes.
The divine patterns around the Yuan Shen are inspired by them and turn into illusory wheels. Finally, eight patterns and horns bloom from it, converging to form a magnificent celestial wheel that explodes.
However, he saw the Primordial Spirit Treasure Wheel emerge, which immediately caused his Primordial Spirit’s divine light to skyrocket, and his Qi to climb steadily, and in a short period of time, he was even close to the realm of the third-level Taoist Master.
The blazing light of the soul turned into a killing sword and poked out, faintly possessing the divine power to cut through all illusions.
“It’s all in vain!”
Above the void, Zhang Jian seemed to be standing on the commanding heights of the dimension. He just raised a palm slightly, and the color of the entire fairy court and heaven changed. There seemed to be countless earthly lights and shadows flowing out of it, and finally turned into a purple-yellow dragon shape. Divine light.
As the divine light passed by, the vast sword light was directly penetrated by the purple-yellow dragon-shaped divine light.
The magnificent divine energy turned into a spiral divine light and flew over. It was so majestic that the divine power arrived before it was released. The gods under the divine light felt unable to move.
Guangyu Dao Zun looked at this scene, his face changed drastically.
His heart shook violently.
The Taoism displayed by this Immortal Emperor was completely beyond his imagination.
He was actually able to suppress his second-level Taoist master head-on!
This was simply beyond his knowledge.
He is a Taoist, and a second-level Taoist.
/Even the most powerful third-turn magic power user is just a slightly bigger ant in front of the Taoist Master.
Not to mention that he is a se