ns in the Xinglan Secret Mansion were completely shattered at this moment, and terrifying dragon heads came from all directions and gnawed at Zhang Jian.

“you wanna die!”
Deep in the void, there seemed to be seven or eight ferocious beasts roaring together with hoarse voices.
The [concept] rules that triggered the multi-dimensional world of talismans came.
/Evil, dream, emptiness, corruption, shadow, desire, devouring, destruction, and calamity all converge into one.
A magnificent source realm was then formed.
“You idiot, if you want to eat me, you’re not afraid of breaking your teeth!”
Zhang Jian did not dodge, letting the nine big mouths cover him, and in an instant, terrifying green fire burst out from where he stood, expanding like the rising sun.
The nine bloody mouths swallowed part of the cyan flame, and immediately let out an earth-shattering scream.
Countless blue flames enveloped eight of his dragon heads, but luckily one of them retracted in time.
But at the same time, a terrifying purple-yellow divine light continued to erupt from the place where Zhang Jian stood, forming a terrifying circular vortex that covered the sky and the sun. It continued to expand and flow towards the entire Xinglan Secret Mansion.
The secret palace that Xinglan Taoist had painstakingly arranged was instantly shattered by a terrifying circular vortex force.
The magnificent light and shadow are still expanding, covering billions of voids.
That is the power of the Earth Emperor’s oven.
Infinite cyan flames surround a purple-yellow terrifying oven that emerges between heaven and earth. Circular vortices form the internal space of the heaven and earth oven. Looking carefully, it seems that there are three thousand concentric vortexes formed on the periphery, violently adsorbing a shielded statue. A terrifying figure like the sky blocking out the sun.
It was a nine-headed evil dragon with a dark black body. The magnificent shadow covered the sky and the sun, as if the body of the Heavenly Talisman Realm could not compare to the terrifying giant beast’s real body.
/On top of one of the dragon heads stood an evil young man surrounded by endless purple light.
Feeling that its own majestic Dark Nine-Headed Dragon’s true form is being absorbed by the terrifying whirlpool, it is constantly being strangled, devoured, and refined.
There was a strong look of annoyance in the depths of his eyes.
It always devours others, but no one else can devour him.
But the terrifying divine power displayed by the other party was indeed extremely terrifying, far beyond that of the third-turn Taoist ancestor, and even contained a shadow of the power of the original personality.
“The evil spirit explodes! I’ll let you swallow it!”
As he gritted his teeth, a layer of terrifying purple sun phantoms appeared around him. The gray-black root divine wheel emerged from behind him, but nine rounds of purple-black evil scorching sun emerged above the divine wheel.
The brilliance circulates and collides continuously, and the negative power of the bi