e body burned, burning With a twist of his divine light, Lao Wu’s law of death was shaken, opening up a way to survive.

The deceased ancestor seized this slightest opportunity, abandoned Tianzu, and rushed out like a flash of lightning.
Tianzu let out a cry of grief, but followed closely behind, trying to escape, but at this moment, Lao Wu of the Dead Group grabbed him with his right hand again, and with a bang, Feng Zu was forcefully dropped from the air. It fell into Lao Wu’s right hand.
In an instant, Tianzu, the first of the five ancestors, was just like the Zen ancestor, turning into a mummy without any mercy.
Lao Wu looked at the sky. Under his mask, the dim light fluctuated slightly, and he was ready to pursue him, but the dead man at the head raised his hand to stop him.
/The faces of the cultivators around him who witnessed all this turned blue, and the old monk Wu was trembling all over because he remembered who these people were. They represented death and purgatory on earth, but they were still alive. This was a sin!
At this moment, Lao Wu waved his right hand, and the shriveled Zen Ancestor and Feng Ancestor on the ground suddenly jumped up. Their bodies slowly turned into pitch black, their eyes wandered for a few times, and they knelt down quietly in front of Lao Wu. In front of him, Lao Wu waved his hand, and the two puppets of the Divine Transformation Realm flew into the air, fell into the river of death and disappeared.
“This is transformation! He transformed two strong men at the peak of the Divine Transformation Realm into death puppets.” Any monk in the Divine Transformation Realm is a powerful weapon in itself, but even if there is a chance, this kind of transformation is extremely complicated and difficult. But for the Dead Group, it seems to be just a matter of a snap.
far away
The drunk scholar shook his head slightly, “We have been discovered. The five dead people are stronger than before. The weakest one has understood death to the point of controlling transformation.”
The old and young man was holding a piece of pastry in his hand, laughing as he ate, “This is interesting, old drunkard, call your old lover here too, we will definitely defeat those dead people.”
“Go away, if you want to go away, I would rather become a death puppet.”
The old and young man put the pastry into his mouth and clapped his hands, “Oh, you young people don’t know how to respect the old and love the young.”
With that said, he turned around and disappeared.
“Wait, are you really going to look for her? No, absolutely not. This team has her without me, me without him, young and old, just stop.” The drunk scholar’s face changed slightly, and he disappeared in an instant, chasing after her. go out.
The old man looked at the advancing figure of the dead group, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It was fun, it was so fun, it had been a long time since I felt dead.
The battle between the Dead Man Group and the Five Ancestors of the Immortal Trap was obviously subversive, and it was even more