The sound of music sounded melodiously.
People listened infatuatedly. This was played by monks from the Earth Wheel Realm who were proficient in music and rituals. For ordinary people, this was actually real fairy music!
/Suddenly, two rainbow clouds flew through the sky! Like flying immortals from the sky, Mu He Xiaoyu and Jiang Biyao stood on the altar.
Jiang Biyao wears colorful makeup, a pair of beautiful eyes, and her dancing clothes are like a rainbow. They complement each other with her beautiful makeup. Her whole body exudes an aura that makes people’s hearts beat faster. As soon as her eyes are on her, she will Can’t move away.
This is the ultimate of Jiang Biyao. She devoted all her heart and soul to go back on her promise without tears. The divorce document was delivered to the Jiang family this morning. The Zhe family would not even be able to wait for the Five Elements Festival! Apparently Zhewu Lei couldn’t wait to break up with her.
She is beautiful, she is flawless, she shows her dancing posture, like a phoenix in the sky, life, feelings, and her beauty, completely integrated into the dance!
But no one really can take their eyes off her!
Muchu Xiaoyu!
She didn’t have any gorgeous makeup, and she appeared without makeup. She wore a beautiful and refined white dress. There was no other color except white. Her black hair was tied up and her hair was in a simple bun, but it was full of purity that made people breathless. How amazing this is. Refined, like a dream, like an illusion, and like delusion.
Dance of the Spirit!
Her dance echoes the stunning Jiang Biyao. There are not so many movements, but she is like the moonlight, sparkling, making people intoxicated, intoxicated, intoxicated, and intoxicated again!
If Jiang Biyao is the temptation, then Mu He Xiaoyu is the genius.
The music suddenly became intense, a **, and the last note fell!
On the altar, the two women remained silent!
After a long time, the applause sounded like waking up from a dream!
Followed by earth-shaking cheers, crazy.
Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, for men, life is not in vain if they have to see this dance. For women, they have seen what it is to be a woman to the extreme, and that is their role model and role model.
Wang Meng was also distracted by the beauty, but what he was thinking about was a distant person.
/In such an environment, I missed her more and more. Ying Er’s phoenix dance was so gorgeous, and the dance of Cheng Cheng, the little witch, was also full of indescribable magic.
Jiang Biyao panted slightly, feeling a little overdrawn. This sacrificial dance blended into everything she had!
She glanced at Wang Meng, thinking of the divorce letter she received in the morning, and Wang Meng’s various miracles, and the feeling of regret appeared in her heart for the first time, a bitter taste.
Maybe, just maybe, she could re-engage him. The letter to break off the engagement was a huge blow to Jiang Biyao. Although she had already known that the Zhe family was going t