f the top ten holy bodies!

Li Tianyi, the Fire Heart Sword Icon, a special icon that uses the icon as a life support, can definitely win a place.
Ma Tianer, the tree of life icon, a rare healing power.
Yang Ying, Jing Tao Phoenix Icon, this is the same level as Fan Hong’s Netherworld Dark Emperor Icon, a rare phoenix body with five elements of water.
This is something that no sect can despise, and Wang Meng used the power of the Small Perfection to kill the Great Perfection. Although he borrowed the power of the Dragon Ball, he fully demonstrated his terrifying power, which is unique!
The Holy Temple’s ranking reached the 36th place in the Star Alliance overnight, and it also performed a miracle for the Star Alliance.
There has never been a sect that can be so terrifying. The four major icons, as long as the church develops well, it is only a matter of time before it enters the top twenty, and may even hit the top ten.
Obviously, with such momentum, the Star Alliance will not wait and wait, and will definitely provide certain support. Moreover, Wang Meng is a representative figure emerging under the Star Alliance system, and he also proves the correctness of the Star Alliance system.
It has the best publicity effect for the promotion and expansion of the Star Alliance.
The most terrifying thing is that Wang Meng has a good relationship with many Dzogchen masters. This is the most impossible thing for him to do in his current situation, but he did it first.
The name Wang Meng. Suddenly the sun was at its peak.
Today, as the Star Alliance announces its expansion, two names also come into everyone’s sight. These two names have even replaced the incomparable Her Royal Highness the Saint as the most talked about ones.
Wang Meng, Mingren!
Do you dare to believe that there are two powerful men in one discipline?
Akito’s Holy Light Demon Tanti attracted the invitation of the long-unborn Pure Land Knights, and was appointed as the unofficial successor. In the Pure Land, you get the most beneficial spiritual support from the entire Star Alliance. It is said that his abilities have shaken the Pure Land.
As for Wang Meng, who had been promoted to the Star Alliance together with Ming Ren, he had been forgotten. Why this man could be compared to Ming Ren was also a topic of joking for a while.
But now everyone who once laughed has shut up.
The temple is shining brightly!
Wang Meng. At the height of the sun!
/Countless sects are full of curiosity about the temple. In this once backward sect, six icons have appeared.
The Star Alliance also promotes it vigorously. Because breaking the old cultivation constitution, discovering the powerful power of the sect, and discovering personal potential are all in the Star Alliance.
If the Holy Church is already very hot in the Sifang Xiaoqian Realm, then the current Holy Church is already in a boiling state.
If you are a disciple of the Holy Temple, then you are a being that monks from all over the world will look up to.
The well-deserved largest sect in the Sifang Xiaoqia