moment Li Yilong used the icon and looked at Wang Meng, he felt like he was struck by lightning.

Wang Meng couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Really, when he was about to let the other party use a sword, the other party used this holy icon.
Isn’t this your own courting of death?
In the Ni Cangtian icon, Li Yilong saw the evil god!
It was a body hiding an evil god.
The supreme, unimaginable evil mood.
Four hundred and eighty-seven I’ll give you a sword ()
Li Yilong almost collapsed in just a moment. This was the first time he used the holy icon in the battle on the other side. Is this the end?
/Li Yilong was extremely unwilling. His intention was to go against the odds and never retreat!
Holding on to his weak legs, Wang Meng couldn’t help but sigh. The evil cultivators were in a rapid decline process in the Xiaoqian Realm. If this continued, they might disappear in less than a hundred years. No matter what, he should leave some space for the evil cultivators. Good seedling.
Finally, Mo Zijian appeared. Wang Meng smiled and said, “I’ll give you a sword.”
Mozi Sword was swung down very casually, very slowly, without any use of Yuan force.
But under the shroud of the Ni Cangtian icon, Li Yilong turned to stone.
The Mozi sword was retracted with just one swing, and the Ni Cangtian icon quickly faded away. Wang Meng on the fighting stage was leisurely and contented, while Li Yilong’s eyes were wide open, as if his eyeballs were about to pop out, but if you look carefully, you can see that they were already long gone. Absence.
It was quiet in the field. I don’t know what happened. After a long time, Li Yilong let out a long roar, which shook the sky. It seemed that he had made a breakthrough!
What’s going on? ? ?
Li Yilong raised his sword and bowed respectfully, “Thank you, senior, for your guidance.”
/Wang Meng smiled noncommittally, “Let’s go. It can take as little as three years or as many as five years, and you can go further.”
Li Yilong held the gift of a junior, bowed to the end, and left the fighting stage without looking back. There was no need to admit defeat at all, because in front of this person, he was not even qualified to admit defeat.
It’s a pity that he can’t watch anymore, otherwise the Taoist heart will inevitably be lost. For Li Yilong, this is the biggest gain after getting the evil cultivator icon!
For Wang Meng, with talents like Li Yilong, the evil cultivator lineage will not disappear easily.
Wang Meng won again, but his victory was still so inexplicable. It seemed that every opponent he encountered would go crazy.
The problem is, Zhang Xiaopang is worried. Does that sword count?
If such a casual throw counts, it would be unreasonable, but if it doesn’t count, he did swing the sword and restrained the opponent.
Mu En fell into deep thought. He could only say that Li Yilong was stronger than before, but he still couldn’t block a sword. For someone with a strong sword intention. The suppression of the environment is more amazing than Yuanli.
But he couldn’t understand th