he learned.

This sacrifice skill is really powerful!
He can actually delete all the memories that can remember boxing moves!
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but start following the clues and began to conduct a detailed examination of his memory and body.
/After more than ten minutes of detailed inspection, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there were no problems with his body or memory. It was just that all the memories related to Junti Boxing had disappeared.
Later, Wei Xiaobei picked up his phone and looked at the time. He was a little surprised to find that three days and two nights had passed since he started sacrificing the Military Body Fist!
There were still a series of missed calls on the phone. Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei had turned off the ringtone. Otherwise, the phone would have automatically shut down long ago.
Most of the missed calls were from Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun, and of course there were two calls from Zhou Xingyuan.
Um? Since getting acquainted with Shan Bing, Wei Xiaobei has used Zhou Xingyuan less, so he has gradually become somewhat alienated.
Wei Xiaobei then started to answer the phone calls one by one. The call he made to Zhu Xinyi was to ask her to take care of things in the martial arts gym. The master was going to retreat during this period and not to call unless there was something important. Zhu Xinyi said that Zhou Xingyuan goes to the martial arts hall every day to see his master Yunyun.
It seemed that Zhou Xingyuan was in an emergency this time. Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei called Zhou Xingyuan back.
As soon as the call was dialed, someone picked it up, and the voice that rang was Zhou Xingyuan’s: “Boss! You are finally willing to answer the phone!”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that Zhou Xingyuan had been waiting for his call, but he didn’t dare to call him too much for fear of getting angry.
“I’m in retreat these days. If you have anything to say, please tell me.”
While Wei Xiaobei was talking, his attention turned to the attribute panel, his face was filled with joy, and his tone of voice became much better.
At this time, Bajiquan has been promoted from unfathomable to unparalleled in the world!
And this Bajiquan also left an introduction after the promotion.
Bajiquan (unparalleled in the world): In terms of attainments in Bajiquan, the host is unparalleled in the world! Since Bajiquan has been upgraded to an unparalleled level, the host can spend 2,000 evolution points to teach Bajiquan (proficient in it) to his disciples.
/At that time, Wei Xiaobei felt that this kind of teaching ability was extremely uneconomical.
How many evolution points does it cost to upgrade your skills to the point of hard work?
Up to 350!
But this professor actually requires 2000 evolution points! Nearly 6 times the cost!
Of course, if you have enough evolution points, it would be good to waste some evolution points and train some masters, but even after thousands of efforts, you won’t be considered a high master.
But it