ould she not see the tenderness in Zhu Xinyi’s eyes when she saw Brother Wei.

“Okay, it’s up to you.”
Wei Xiaobei finally understood at this time. In fact, Wei Xiaobei could tell a little bit about Zhu Xinyi’s feelings for him, no matter how stupid he was.
However, the master-disciple relationship was an obstacle in Wei Xiaobei’s heart. In short, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what to do at this time.
Entering the indoor martial arts arena, Wei Xiaobei introduced Che Meihan to everyone, naturally as his cousin.
Wei Xiaobei originally wanted to arrange Che Meihan into his room, but Che Meihan refused, while Zhu Xinyi happily pulled Che Meihan to her room.
Zhu Xinyi’s room was the largest one, with three beds. Xiao Bailing had already lived with her before, and now Che Meihan came to fill the gap.
After making arrangements for Che Meihan temporarily, Wei Xiaobei immediately called Wei Xingwu over.
Wei Xingwu is the apparent boss of the security company, so it is naturally more convenient for him to come forward in some matters.
When Wei Xingwu came over, Wei Xiaobei informed Wei Xingwu of part of his plan.
The training base of the security company will be expanded and become the primary training base of Cheng’s Martial Arts School.
After all, with the help of Zhou Xingwu, Shan Bing and others, the number of students coming to Cheng’s martial arts school to learn martial arts increased rapidly.
The capacity of Cheng’s martial arts hall has reached its limit.
Naturally, new training venues are needed.
The initial ordinary students will be trained in the training base. Those recruited from the Shaolin Martial Arts School will be trained by Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun and then serve as coaches, while the current Cheng’s Martial Arts School will serve as elite training base.
Well, the so-called elite training base is a training place for personnel who can enter the gray world.
There is no doubt that Wei Xiaobei’s own experience can prove that within the same biological level, knowing the martial arts will undoubtedly enhance a lot of strength.
In addition, Wei Xingwu, Zhu Xinyi, Huang Kun and others will also select students with good character from Shaolin students, and even ordinary students, and recommend them to Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei will ask the other party about their wishes. If the other party is willing to enter the gray world, they can enter the elite training base for training and become an inner sect student of the Cheng Family Martial Arts School.
In short, Wei Xiaobei’s plan is to train a group of subordinates who are loyal to him. These subordinates will experience in the gray world and continue to strengthen themselves.
There is no doubt that in this time of imminent chaos, it is self-evident that having a group of powerful subordinates who are loyal to oneself will be of great use.
Of course, this plan will be very expensive.
After all, once they become inner sect students, Wei Xiaobei will ensure their training, life and even family needs.
/It is impossible to just make people do things withou