d seven o’clock. I called you as soon as I learned the news. “

d seven o’clock. I called you as soon as I learned the news. ”
/After taking out the bullet, Charles immediately looked into the bag and took out an evidence bag after a while.
He put it in with tweezers and asked, “How many people have been exposed to this bullet? We need to record fingerprints.”
Next to him, Grover covered his mouth with his hand and coughed lightly, tilting his head to the young policeman’s ear. At the same time, he reminded in a low voice: “Charles, we are not solving robberies or homicides. This is just a routine inquiry, understand?”
Charles was stunned, his fair face turned red, and said to Han Qianshan: “Sorry, I have no experience with these, but the instructor said this when I was in the academy, please continue.”
“It’s okay, is there anything else you need to ask?”
Grover took a sip of coffee, with an expression of enjoyment on his face, and added Putting the cup under his nose, he smelled the aroma and said, “They may be a group of poachers. Many such things happen every year.” ”
You know, our funds are a little tight now and we can’t arrange too many rangers.”
Looking carefully at Han Qianshan’s expression, he then asked: “Do you remember their appearance? Or maybe their names.”
The boy was sitting in the corridor eavesdropping, then turned around and said: “Two employees from our ranch , you may want to know more, I think you can ask them.”
“He is my son.”
Seeing him speaking, Han Qianshan explained to the two policemen with a smile.
Charles nodded, looked at what the boy had written down in the notebook, and asked distractedly: “Where are they now? Can you please take me to find them? We will tell Flathei the details.” Park rangers, they will pay attention, please.”
“It doesn’t matter, it’s at the cowshed not far away. I’ll take you there.”
Father Han said to the police, then looked back at his son: “You want Together?”
Facing the police’s questioning in front of the cabin where the cowboys rested, Anderson was speechless.
Next to him, Martinez couldn’t stand it any longer. He hesitated to speak, and finally pulled Anderson over.
He ran in front of them and uttered a large sentence quickly: “The man with the blond hair yelled.”
More than ten minutes later, Charles shook the hand holding the pen and asked curiously: “Mr. Martinez, who are you?” Have you known them before?”
“Then how do you know so much?”
“I only learned about this when I listened to them talking next to Anderson.”
Seeing what else Charles wanted to ask, the old policeman covered his head. He raised his head and quickly stopped him: “Okay, okay, that’s enough detail. Let’s go back first.” ”
Mr. Han, I will inform you if there is any news. Thank you for your cooperation.”
After speaking, he took Charles’s hand and said, Walk towards the parking lot.
Martinez didn’t seem to have had enough, smacking his lips and waving to the young policeman, but Anderson had been stunned when he opened his mouth, and he still hasn’t come back to his senses.
More than ten days have p