transformed into an environment suitable for human survival. This makes the environment of Erluo Star more complex and full of forces.

It does feel strange that Lord Amos of the Mather family would go there.
“Thank you. I hope to cooperate with you in various aspects in the future!” David thanked with a smile.
David’s words meant that he accepted Lord Felix. Of course, Lord Felix did not want to gain Lord Arthur’s friendship through a piece of information. After receiving Lord Arthur’s acceptance, friendship could be slowly cultivated.
After sending Lord Felix away, David opened the parchment in his hand and looked at the content on it.
It can only be said that the Jenner family’s intelligence network is very powerful. The Mather family had an estate on Erluo hundreds of years ago. Recently, a manager of the Mather family in charge of resources was asked to send some resources to Erluo. Star that property.
What was sent was not ordinary resources, but fifth-level Templar resources from the top noble quota.
Another fifth-level Templar of the Mather family, Gerald, had long been killed by David, leaving only Lord Amos, a fifth-level Templar. Based on this, intelligence personnel of the Jenner family The analysis led to the conclusion that Lord Aimos was on the Erluo planet.
David smiled and shook his head. The top nobles were really terrible. They placed intelligence agents on each other, even their allies.
But when I thought about it, it was not like this for his Dun’er planet. It was really hard to tell how many intelligence personnel there were.
It is impossible for all territories to be like Garmis, completely managed by intelligent systems and robots. As long as there are people present, they may be penetrated.
Fortunately, David’s secrets are all within himself, and the other important secrets are placed on Garmis. Dun’er is only the foundation for him to establish himself as a top noble.
The reception was over, and he didn’t have to deal with the aftermath. He summoned an energy clone. Of course, this was not his own energy clone, but the energy clone of another fifth-level Templar.
The face of the energy clone changed and turned into that of Lord Arthur.
David summoned the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’, which activated the ‘invisibility’ talent and used ‘teleportation’ to head towards the planet-level portal.
There is an energy clone here, so there is no need to explain it to Butler Dickens. He can talk to Butler Dickens through the energy clone at any time.
At the planet-level portal, David used the privileges of a member of the Supreme Council to hide his transmission information.
He was preparing to investigate secretly, but he didn’t want the Erluo Star to find out before the people arrived.
David, who was in the ‘invisible’ state, entered the planet-level portal, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of another planet-level portal.
/The eight satellites clearly visible in the sky told David that this was Erluo, the chaotic planet.
It was getting late at this time, and the abnormal fl