mmortal Emperor Behemoth.

When he was young, Caesar III still wanted revenge and was preparing to regain his ancestral land and avenge his past shame.
It’s just that as he grew older and suffered more severe beatings from society, Caesar III’s mind also became mature.
After all, ideals only exist in theory. If they can be easily realized, they are no longer ideals.
It’s not a matter of hard work or not, but a matter of great disparity in strength between the two sides. In a duel, the Alpha Kingdom really can’t defeat the orcs.
If you want to form a group to fight, other human countries are not active. There is still a lot of land available for development in the Aslant continent. The bad land of the Orc Empire is not suitable for human survival and cannot mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm.
This is also the core reason why Caesar III, or the entire Alpha royal family, has always been unhappy with the five Dukes of Northern Xinjiang.
Before the royal family’s foundation was lost, there was still hope that the northern nobles could hold on to it if they had timely reinforcements. Unfortunately, under the leadership of the five major families, the reinforcements were delayed for two full days before setting off, which directly led to the complete collapse of the battle line.
After the war, the power of the royal family was greatly damaged. It was a fluke that they could retain the royal power. It was really impossible to liquidate these guys, but the feud between the two sides was settled.
Things have changed, and the guy who used to cheat his teammates has now become the one who was cheated by his teammates.
Now the five major families in the North are being set up by a group of teammates, and they are not given the opportunity to transfer their foundation at all. If they want to retreat, they have no place to retreat.
Not only the Alpha Kingdom does not allow them to retreat, but the entire human race does not allow them to retreat.
Everyone is very principled in this regard. If you dare to desert when the aliens invade, you will face the pursuit of the entire human race.
Of course, this principle is not only a restriction on the nobles of the North, but also a restriction on all the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom.
/Therefore, all countries worked together privately and directly added such an article to the “Continental Convention”, which completely put the sacred obligation of the feudal nobles to protect their land on the table.
“Your Majesty, the matter is not that serious yet. Those guys in Northern Xinjiang are only a little active, far from this level.”
The Prime Minister, the Grand Duke of Newfoundland, hurriedly persuaded.
You can think some things, but you must never say them. The northern Xinjiang nobles want to transfer their foundation, which is just everyone’s inference.
To say that they are going to escape is pure nonsense. The foundation is all in northern Xinjiang, how can we abandon the inheritance of our ancestors and give up our current identity and run away?
Not to mention that the orcs