Marcus said in a deep voice.

“Lord Marcus, there is only Duke Arthur. Doesn’t he have any helpers?” Speaker Abe asked.
Speaker Abe heard what Lord Marcus said, especially when he learned that Lord Marcus had fought against Duke Arthur. This was the best opportunity to understand Duke Arthur’s actual strength.
As for going to Baruch to besiege Duke Arthur, he would not take the risk if he was not sure.
“Yes, Duke Arthur used some ability to control more than sixty second- and third-level knights, and borrowed the alchemy circle to create an opportunity for a surprise attack, destroying the energy clone behind me!” Lord Marcus nodded in reply. road.
“What is Duke Arthur’s actual strength?” Speaker Abe asked.
“Judging from the aura, he is still a fourth-level Sky Knight, but his actual strength has reached the level of an early fifth-level Templar Knight!” Lord Marcus replied quickly, not wanting to waste time.
“Everyone, please express your opinion and tell us what should be done?” Speaker Abe said while still thinking in his heart.
/According to Lord Marcus, it is almost impossible to assassinate a fifth-level Templar twice in a row with just such strength.
You must know that Duke Arthur used a variety of means to create a situation that trapped Lord Marcus’s energy clone and destroyed his energy clone.
However, there is still a big gap between the strength of the energy clone of the fifth-level Templar and the main body. The energy clone cannot possess the innate abilities of the main body, let alone the advantages of equipment.
Except for being slightly worse than the energy clone in terms of speed, the main body is much higher than the energy clone in every other aspect.
/“Speaker Abby, I think it is not appropriate to have a feud with Duke Arthur. We should find a middleman to mediate. Since Duke Arthur cannot be resolved, let’s use some benefits to eliminate the previous conflicts!” A lord suggested.
Everyone has a big family and a big business, so no one will risk his life. Even if he kills Duke Arthur, the benefits gained cannot be compared with the risks taken.
The lords here all have their own way of judgment. Once they assassinated two fifth-level Templars in succession, and successfully destroyed the energy clone of Lord Marcus, plus the battle between the battle star and the fifth-level Zerg energy clone in the intelligence , all show that Duke Arthur has the ability to kill level five.
As long as you have the strength to kill Level 5, it is enough to attract the attention of the lords present. They do not want to risk their lives to fight Duke Arthur for unknown benefits.
“No, I think this is an opportunity. The best opportunity to kill Duke Arthur. Each of our families sends a fifth-level Templar to Baruch. We can completely kill Duke Arthur on Baruch. This way It can not only solve the big problem of Duke Arthur, but also cut off the source of threats to the alliance!” The lord of the Jenner family raised objections.
The Algernon fifth-level Templar of the Jenner family participated in t