avid had no scruples and opened the box immediately.

There are two ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ in the box. Perhaps for a non-top aristocratic family like the Dennis family, there is no way to obtain ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’. Naturally, they can obtain ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’. Treat it as a treasure.
In fact, there is only a very small chance for ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ to leak out. Almost all ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ are in the top noble circles.
The top nobles’ control over Battle Star means that the ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ produced in Battle Star, the main producing area of ??’Perfect Grade Kryptonite’, will only be distributed to the top nobles.
The ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ has many uses for the fifth-level Templars. In cultivation, driving alchemy items, super large magic circles, etc., various important functions make the ‘Perfect Level Kryptonite’ Extremely important.
This is why when August’s fifth-level Templar and Job’s fifth-level Templar received the news that there was a ‘pregnant stone’ in David’s mining area, they immediately set off for Boyo, even if they attacked David. The reason for getting the ‘Pregnant Stone’.
If they are top nobles, they will only be very envious of David’s possession of the ‘pregnancy stone’. Maybe some will be greedy, but they will definitely not be like August’s fifth-level Templar and Job’s fifth-level Templar. Such urgency.
/David put away the two ‘Perfect Grade Kryptonite’ and looked at other items.
There are fifty-three bottles of the same style. The bottles are painted with a pattern to maintain the efficacy of the medicine. It can be seen that they are bottles containing medicine.
It’s just that the material of this potion bottle is extremely rare. In terms of grade, this material can be regarded as fourth-level quality among alchemical materials.
One can imagine how precious the medicine in a medicine bottle made from alchemical materials of this quality is.
David took out a potion bottle, opened it and took a sniff. He felt as if the power of his blood was on fire, rolling and accelerating.
Fortunately, he only sniffed it. If he really drank it, he estimated that the power of his blood would explode out of his body.
David can be sure that this is not the potion used by the fourth-level Sky Knight. Of course, in the space ring of August’s fifth-level Templar, there is a high chance that this amount of potion is the daily use of the fifth-level Templar.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know much about the potions used by the fifth-level Templars. He transferred fifty-three alchemy potion bottles into the space pendant and asked someone to help him find out what they were when he had time.
There are also a lot of sundries in the space ring, including potion materials and alchemy materials at the level of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and fourth-level armor and weapons, which are probably the spare equipment of August’s fifth-level Templar.
It seems that because August is a fifth-level Templar in a daily state and is not in a combat state,