s four low mountains. In the middle of the four low mountains is a flat area. The ground here is messy and has traces of turning over. It can be seen that Kryptonite ore was originally produced here, but the kryptonite ore on the surface was mined clean.

David took out the control card sent by the Carney family along with the certification documents. He canceled all previous permissions so that the miners who had left before could no longer enter the mining area.
/Entering the inside of the mining area, there is an energy shield with safety patterns. The air quality here is much better than outside the energy shield. Of course, you still cannot live here for a long time.
The mining area is filled with energy reactions unique to kryptonite mining areas. In this environment, mining can almost only be done manually.
Even in the Interstellar Federation, if you want to obtain krypton crystal ore from the krypton crystal mine, you still need to dig it out by miners. At most, you can use labor-saving mechanical devices to assist. It is impossible to mine entirely through intelligent systems.
The interior of the krypton crystal mine is full of krypton crystal energy. This krypton crystal energy will affect the data transmission of the intelligent system, making the intelligent system unable to work.
David took out the energy scanner from the space ring and recorded the energy value in the mining area.
/He is still a master-level researcher. When he came to the divine world, he brought a set of researcher’s equipment, and this energy scanner was just the simplest one.
Butler Jason frowned as he looked at the situation in the mining area. There was probably a steward here to manage it before, but the steward went back after the Carney family sent the mining area away.
Coupled with the departure of the miners, the place was deserted.
To resume work in this mining area, at least one hundred miners will be needed, as well as professional management.
In this environment, the position of mining supervisor requires rotation among multiple mining supervisors.
Nowadays, miners are a troublesome thing, and several managers with mining management experience also need time to find, which will delay the start of the krypton crystal mine for an unknown period of time.
Butler Jason didn’t know much about the assets owned by the family. He only knew that there were two more sky knights, Mark Knight and Garland Knight. If this krypton crystal mine was not mined, the family’s assets would one day be emptied.
David took out the terrain scanner from the space ring again. He had his own plan for the kryptonite mine in his mind. As long as it could be implemented, he didn’t need outside miners at all.
He seemed to have returned to the Interstellar Federation and recorded all the conditions in the mining area through various instruments.
Viscount Harvey, who was on vacation, was in his castle, drinking juice squeezed from precious fruits and watching two dancers dancing leisurely.
Star Boyo provided him with a large amount of divine