t have a secret method to save his life?”

Looking at Zhu Peng, who was still standing quietly in the air with his hands behind his hands, Zhu Yun, after dealing with the last few stubborn sword cultivators below, moved in front of Zhu Peng. Others could not see it, but Zhu Yun was different from others. , he keenly noticed that when Taishan Tianmen’s body was turned into ashes just now, the sword he held in his hand bloomed with a strange brilliance. As the last gem broke, there seemed to be a meteor sliding across the horizon for an instant, but it glowed with blood. fleeting. Regarding this kind of strange phenomenon, practitioners in the foundation-building realm may not be able to catch it because of their insufficient vision and sharpness, but it is impossible for Zhu Yun not to notice it.
Seeing Zhu Peng standing there quietly with his hands behind his back, he naturally thought that Zhu Peng was upset because he had just missed and let Taoist Tianmen run away. However, things actually went a bit differently than Zhu Yun thought.
“I don’t mind that Tianmen old man was hit by a punch that I punched with all my strength. I don’t really need to care whether he lives or dies. The elemental magnetization is devoured. Taishan cannot let a useless person continue to sit on the throne of the leader. It’s just, Taishan’ The secret skill of “Seven Stars Falling in the Sky” has been lost long ago, and the sword in Tianmen’s hand is probably the last trace of that secret skill of swordsmanship in the Taishan Sword Sect.”
Turning around, Zhu Peng explained with a faint smile.
“I was just thinking about the next move. Compared with besieging Tianmen, the next move is actually the most important. If it fails, the blood soul will be overthrown soon, but if it succeeds, it will actually be a dance of swords, which is extremely dangerous. How can we rest assured if we don’t think about it carefully?”
After finishing speaking, Zhu Peng did not wait for Zhu Yun to react, and fled directly away from the light, leaving only a group of monks cleaning the battlefield and Zhu Yun standing in mid-air thinking quietly.
/Huashan Mountain in Xiyue is the most dangerous place in the world, but its beautiful scenery is also famous all over the world. Before the Earth Star Catastrophe in 2012, the Earth Star Chinese people already had such an impression of this place. After the Earth Star Catastrophe in 2012, the high-level immortals Mianjiangzhou gradually merged with the entire earth and stars, and the Five Mountains of China also became their spatial coordinates. The five major sword sects in Jiangzhou have used the “Secret Technique of Driving Mountains” to move the mountain gates, fuse and even devour the original Earth Star and Five Mountains. They are stronger than humans. This kind of swallowing is inevitable. After all, the former Earth Star Huashan Mountain is just a mountain with an altitude of 2154.9 meters. It’s just a small hill. This size could be called a mountain in the old world, but in this new world where cultivato