row that storage bag back to the other party.

row that storage bag back to the other party.
The commander really wanted to get close to the little girl, but unfortunately, she ignored him at all and didn’t even say a word.
What was especially hateful was that the little girl returned the storage bag and did not leave. She just stood in mid-air with her arms folded, looking at the group of them indifferently.
This feeling was so uncomfortable that the commander thought about it for a long time before tentatively asking, “Are you letting us go?”
This time, the little girl finally responded, and she nodded very slightly.
/“Is there any mistake?” Someone in the commander’s team couldn’t bear it. “We just arrived, and we gave you benefits. Now let us go back immediately. How can we behave like brothers?” The
blood slave looked at it coldly. He opened his two small hands slightly, and then pinched them gently, which seemed to be an unconscious action.
But the commander knew in his heart that the little girl’s endurance had probably reached its limit. If we didn’t give in anymore, the other party would probably strike like a thunderbolt, and it would be hard to say how many people would be killed or injured by then.
So he said aloud, “I want to discuss it with Zhenren Ji.”
He knew very well that Ji Qiang was the most unfriendly to him in the opponent’s camp, and he even showed obvious murderous intent on several occasions.
But at the same time, he was also very sure that the only one who could talk openly to him was Ji Qiang.
Ji Zhenren once served as a soldier and has a straightforward temper. People who have served as soldiers have more or less incest towards Pao Ze.
When the blood slave heard that this person was looking for a sacrifice, of course he wouldn’t stop him.
Facts have proved that the commander’s guess was correct. Ji Qiang really had something to say, “I’ve returned the storage bag to you. Why aren’t you leaving? Waiting for dinner in the military camp?” The
commander’s hand moved unconsciously in the air. After swinging a few times, he said angrily, “I mean, the food has been given to you, can’t you continue to stay?” ”
What else are you thinking about?” Ji Qiang looked at him with disdain, “How dare you do it in front of Master Li? You should be content with being careless and allowing you to leave alive.”
I didn’t mean to offend him in the first place! The commander wanted to explain it again, but it was obvious that Master Li was on Li Shu’s side. The more he explained, the angrier he became.
So he could only ask tactfully, “Don’t you need the army to help guard the garrison camp here?”
“The army is needed, otherwise Magistrate Meng would not ask for help,” Ji Qiang looked at him deeply. , “But you can’t do it!”
The commander was suddenly speechless – he had offended the Yongle people terribly, and without the support of Lei Gu, there was no point in staying any longer. He could only pack up his troops and leave the military camp angrily. .
Just after walking out of the camp, someone asked, “Commander, is it safe