y. Then he glanced sideways at the other party, “These are the spiritual stones I obtained after destroying the New Moon Kingdom.”

y. Then he glanced sideways at the other party, “These are the spiritual stones I obtained after destroying the New Moon Kingdom.”
Archbishop Mu Tong and Jie Mori Zhenjun was immediately dazzled, and he actually had the urge to snatch it – such a huge amount of wealth.
Then, the two realized what kind of existence they were facing, and finally restrained their unwiseness.
/The two of them realized why the New Moon Kingdom had become so dead. All their spiritual roots were taken away by the wind-watching envoys of Middle-earth, and were condensed into various spiritual stones.
For the two of them, this method only existed in legends. They were very sure that even in the upper world, not many people could do it.
For a moment, they both secretly complained that this time the watcher from China seemed to be quite well-connected.
In the heart of True Lord Jason, he couldn’t help but secretly curse the nosy caravan – Damn, you just need to do your business well, but to provoke such a person is really a waste of time!
He felt guilty in his heart and had to defend himself, “The good tricks of the Immortal Envoy are really eye-opening. However, Crescent Moon is an enemy country of Middle-earth, and Britten is not. I hope the Immortal Envoy will learn from it!”
“I Of course I know this,” Li Yongsheng said calmly, “However, you Britten interfered with my affairs in China-Earth, so a light punishment is necessary.”
“A thousand high-grade spiritual stones, is it considered a light punishment?” Jason endured He couldn’t help shouting again, “Master Immortal Envoy, this is impossible. It was just the impulse of a few businessmen. You can detain them and ask their families to pay ransom.”
Li Yongsheng sneered, “Haha, how many businessmen? Who gave them the courage, why do they dare to do this?”
“Of course,” Jason originally wanted to say, of course to maintain the consensus of the plane – in the Xuanqing plane, this is political correctness.
But the other party was from the upper world, and his methods were ruthless, so he couldn’t use this excuse to deal with it.
He hesitated for a moment and nodded sternly, “Well, this is because Britten is backing them and we are willing to compensate for their mistakes. However, the number of spiritual stones is very unreasonable.”
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly Shaking his head, “I’m not discussing with you, but telling you that I have no interest in bargaining.”
Isn’t this too overbearing? Jason’s mouth twitched. Even if you are an angel, you can’t bully people like this, right?
He couldn’t help but snorted coldly, “What if I don’t agree?”
Li Yongsheng glanced at him and replied lightly, “If you don’t agree, the tragedy of Crescent Moon Kingdom will happen again in Britten. I have already informed you in advance. You, I won’t say the same thing a third time.”
Jason was going crazy. “Master Immortal Envoy, just because of the offense of a few businessmen, you are going to wipe out my motherland. The upper world will allow it.” Are you doing this?”
Li Yongshe