the cultivators in front of him, the shadow controlled by Tie Tu became silent.

The next moment, a thick and strong palm suddenly emerged from the black shadow controlled by Tie Tu, and then the palm pressed against a man who was focused on fighting with a rhythm that did not look fast, but in fact was inescapable. Monk’s back.
/“Bang” was a low, muffled sound that was almost inaudible if you didn’t lower your head and listen carefully. The next moment, the young monk who was pressed from behind by Tie Tu shot forward like a cannonball. , while he was in mid-air, his body was already a mess of blood and flesh, but this flesh bomb still remained intact. It hit the two monks who were originally facing each other in front of him, and the three of them hit each other with a “boom”. They got together, and then driven by a strange and huge force, the three entangled people rushed straight into the white jade platform behind them.
Except for the cultivator who was directly beaten to death by Tie Tu, the other two people were actually protected by defensive magic weapons. Although the power of the human cannonball was great, it did not penetrate the two people’s protective magic weapons and body-protecting essence. However, Tie Tu’s force was just right, and he pushed the other two people onto the white jade platform with the power to kill one person. The next moment, the four spiritual weapons of knives, spears, swords, and halberds were activated at the same time, directly killing three people. The entangled monks turned into a bloody mist.
/The gloomy black energy slowly dispersed, and this black energy turned into a small illusion field. In the eyes of ordinary cultivators, the scene of the white jade auction stage was frozen. As long as Tie Tu’s illusion could not be understood, this white jade stage was frozen. It was broken into eighty petals, and practitioners other than illusionists couldn’t see any abnormalities.
After doing all this, Tie Tu walked out of the dark hidden magic weapon. He was an extremely sturdy silver-haired man with a broad nose and deep eyes, a lion’s mouth and wolf eyes. If it weren’t for his skin color, he would have been very pure and ancient. The copper is so yellow that many people may think that he has white blood – that is a huge insult.
In the world of monks, even demons will choose the yellow form when they transform. Having white or black blood is considered a great shame in the world of monks. The reason is very simple, because normally, white people Humans and black people cannot absorb spiritual energy and have no qualifications for immortality at all. This is why after 2012, in Asia, there may still be groups of mortals hiding in dilapidated cities, while the mortals in Europe and America are almost extinct. Because there are no cultivator strongholds in Europe and the United States to attract firepower, all the strength of the Zerg and Orcs is used on mortals. At this time when the laws of technology are broken, there is no possibility or room for them to survive.
“You have b