t and applied it to Zhang Shengli’s wound.

t and applied it to Zhang Shengli’s wound.
“If she needs anything, you must try your best to cooperate with her. In addition, you are not allowed to do those disrespectful things to her again!” Liu Gan stood up and said to the players who were following him.
“Yes! Mr. Liu!” All the players quickly replied to Liu Gan.
“We survivors hate the former Mr. Tiger and his gang. If you kill them, you will avenge us. If you let me go, I will convince the people in our survivor camp not to I will take revenge on you and live in peace with you.” The woman took the opportunity to say something to Liu Gan.
“Let’s wait until you cure him.” Liu Gan replied to the woman, then turned around and asked the players around him to call Wang Decheng over.
Wang Decheng happened to rush over, and Liu Qian told him a few words, asking him to arrange for someone to guard the woman, but not to beat or scold her anymore, and at the same time provide her with everything she needs to save Zhang Shengli’s life. If she is thirsty or hungry, Provide her with water and food.
“I heard something happened at home?”
When Liu Qian walked out of the simple infirmary, Han Guangming was walking back with two of his team members and asked the players at the supermarket door.
“Hello, deputy leader!” The two players at the door saluted Han Guangming respectfully.
“What?” Han Guangming looked at the two players confused.
“Brother Han is back?” Liu Gan walked over and greeted Han Guangming.
“Brother Liu! You’re still here!” Han Guangming came over happily and grabbed Liu Qian’s hand.
“Hello, Mr. Liu!” The two players guarding the door saluted Liu Gan again.
/“What’s going on?” Han Guangming was even more confused.
“Master Tiger is now in the past. The new leader of the camp is Master Liu. Several of Master Tiger’s followers are dead. Brother Han, you and Brother Wang have been promoted to deputy leaders of the camp by Master Liu. Please take good care of them in the future. Brother.” The player at the door explained something to Han Guangming.
“Ah?” Han Guangming became even more confused and looked at Liu Qian with a puzzled expression.
/Wang Decheng came over from the infirmary, quickly pulled Han Guangming aside, and told Han Guangming everything that happened in the supermarket.
“Master Liu was forced to act. Li Changhui bullied others too much. Deng Hu wanted to kill him regardless of right and wrong, and even used sneak attacks.”
“Brother Liu defeated Master Hu? What about his strength?” Han Guangming also stared. Although he knew Liu Qian was very powerful before, he never thought he was more powerful than Deng Hu.
“At least level 5 or above, unfathomable!” Wang Decheng answered Han Guangming.
“Brother Wang, can you find me a place to sleep?” Liu Gan came over and asked Wang Decheng. He had eaten and drank enough, and had finished his business. After drinking, he felt sleepy and wanted to find a place to sleep peacefully.
“Of course, no problem! Mr. Liu!” Wang Decheng replied respectfully.
“When I wake up, let’s drin