friends for writing about Lin from the shadows!

Netizens have finally seen it through!
These three gay friends all have the bad habit of abusing their fans!
For example, Chu Kuang.
This guy is notorious for his misdeeds, including the death of Baguio before and the suicide of Poirot later, so he is called an old thief!
At that time, everyone felt that Chu Kuang was the most outrageous among the three gay friends!
At least Xianyu and Shadow are still good.
As a result, Xianyu turned around and filmed “Hachi”, which made the audience doubt their life!
It is also because of this movie that Xianyu has become an “old thief” among many people.
At this time, many people feel:
Among the three gay friends, only Shadow is the only honest one.
This is everyone’s only comfort.
As a result, Shadow arranged for Lin to receive a lunch box.
At this moment, everyone was desperate for the three gay friends.
These three people!
Everyone is evil!
Nothing good!
Shadow is also an old thief!
It’s just that the shadow was hidden deeper, and only now are the sharp fangs revealed!
Perhaps because of the support of Chu Kuang and Xian Yu, Shadow Shu Lin was not able to trigger a larger-scale riot.
There is another reason for this.
That’s when Shadow posted a Weibo post explaining to readers:
“The following plot will not disappoint everyone.”
Although this explanation is better than nothing, it also brings some psychological comfort to some people.
Many people even expected that this story would be reversed.
In “Death Note” with the theme of battle of wits, there are too many plot twists.
When the readers finally waited for the finale of “Death Note” with their remaining expectations, everyone’s mentality was instantly shattered!
In the finale of the manga, the male protagonist Yue Yagami also received a box lunch!
“Is this a plot that won’t disappoint everyone?”
/“Write Yagami Yue to death!?”
“I’m so convinced!”
“Shadow is really a logic genius!”
“Shadow: Lin was killed by Ye Shenyue. If you are not satisfied, then I will write Ye Shenyue to death and help Lin take revenge!”
“Oh my god, what kind of brain circuit can come up with this genius ending?”
“Die, old shadow thief!”
“No wonder this comic is called “Death Note”, the main character is all dead!”
“I died on the spot after watching the ending!”
Anger, helplessness, and finally acceptance, this is the final ending that “Death Note” leaves for fans.
Luo Wei looked at Lin Yuan dumbfounded: “Is this the teacher’s solution?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Lin died, and readers were dissatisfied.
These disgruntled readers must be Lin’s fans.
The person they hate is Ye Shenyue, because the person who killed Lin was Ye Shenyue.
Then let Yagami Yue die too, Lin’s fans will definitely be satisfied.
Are Yagami Yue fans dissatisfied?
/It can’t be done. Killing for life. Ya Shenyue has killed so many people and even killed Lin. It is too unhealthy to survive to the end.
All must die.
Both sides were even.
What a perfect ending!
Lin Yuan