e he has just returned to his roots. He has not been able to fully grasp such a huge power for a while. Yes, that is definitely the case, but He’s gone too far. If it weren’t for Alsace, we would all be dead. He wouldn’t take revenge, right?” Yang Xuguang suddenly laughed twice, and then said to the people around him.

Everyone around him was speechless for a moment. Only Alsace murmured: “No, that’s not the case. He is gone, completely gone.”
“What’s wrong? Isn’t it him who is fighting Tongtian below?” Li Lian also laughed twice, but his voice became lower and lower, and by the end it was just vague.
“No!” Alsace suddenly cried loudly: “He is no longer there! The one below is not him! It is just a body with his memories, knowledge, skills, and instincts. Wow, how could he do this? , he obviously owed me so much. When we last met, he said that he would definitely repay me, that he would definitely revive the Three-Eyed Tribe, and that he would definitely make me happy in the future. These were all lies, and everything he said was a lie. All of them!”
Alsace was so excited that the crystal layers outside the bodies of the people around him were trembling, especially the hundreds of thousands of people who were frightened and frightened. Li Lian and others were so frightened that they hurriedly comforted them, although they were also at a loss now. It was not until a long time later that Alsace wiped away his tears and said with red eyes: “You all don’t know that when the light of the soul evolves to a certain level, in addition to directly chasing the four major elements of the universe, earth, wind, and water, In addition to the origin of fire, time, space, matter, and energy, it can also turn the light of the soul into a brand of oneself, and this brand contains everything about a person, except the soul.”
/“His Majesty the Human Emperor, he comes from the Ancient Continent. I know this very well. However, since the Great War, not only have you suffered heavy casualties, but also how have we, the Three-Eyed Clan, fared better? The elite strength is even worse. It is already very difficult just to suppress this plane. You also have to constantly monitor the original sin and hunt down the hands of gods it brings out from time to time. Under such circumstances, your Human Emperor came to our plane in the name of communication. arrival”
“A lot happened after that. He told us to intercept the essence of original sin, just like what humans did in the prehistoric times, and create things like the Gods’ List to suppress the clan. So our Three-Eyed Clan fell, fell, and was exterminated. He told me that he would live, that he had preserved the genetic map of the Three-Eyed Clan, that he would repay everything, that he would explain to me, apologize to me, and give me a happy liar, all of which are lies!”
“He has been reincarnated many times, but he has never fallen, because he is the Human Emperor, and his soul is supreme. Even original sin cannot destroy him. Even if he is not willing, original sin cannot even turn his