function, so the two of them were able to suppress the chaotic energy flow around them, thus protecting Arnold’s safety.

“It’s very, very strong! The soul weapon after this mutation is so strong! This power is really enough to protect everything!” Arnold roared in surprise. At this moment, he seemed to have fallen into As if in a frenzy, he actually ignored the turbulent flow of energy around him and launched another attack. He stretched out his hands violently, pulled the soul-armed chest and tore it apart violently. In the soul-armed chest, there was actually a piece of The nebula composed of chaotic energy, in the astonished eyes of Wang Jun and Saru, this chaotic nebula shined fiercely, and a rotating stream of chaotic light burst out from it.
“Were you flies disturbing me just now?”
At the end of the chaotic light stream, a palm blocked its way forward. The chaotic light stream, which was originally thick, big and long, actually shrank rapidly in front of this palm and turned into a thin and thin one. Small and short, there is a small cluster of nebula energy beads, and in this palm, there are two other energy beads, one is a chaotic color, and the other is an extremely bright and sharp bead.
The owner of this palm, Loki, looked at the three kings and soldiers with interest and said: “It’s really interesting. Three flies are actually disturbing my eating. Is this how you treat gods? No fear, no awe, like this The Ant God will not stingy enough to crush it with one foot!”
As he spoke, Loki threw the three beads in his hand towards the three kings. In an instant, the chaotic air flow, sharp sword energy, and nebula energy flow directly hit the three people, and their attack speed was even faster than the attacks used by the three people. Quickly, it arrived in front of the three people almost instantly, and then there were two crisp sounds. The protective shield formed by Pangu Banner and Zhenxian Sword instantly shattered. Just when it was about to hit the three people, a weapon more than ten meters in size The black black turtle blocked the three people. At the same time as the loud explosion, the black turtle completely turned into nothingness, and the three energy flows also spread to the surroundings.
“Don’t hurt my partner! You’re a defective demon!”
/Pei Jiao roared and rushed out from behind Loki. There were no Bagua runes around his body anymore, only eight indistinct dots, and the Xuanwu that should have been there had also turned into If there is a shadow, only three of the five colors are condensed in his palm, turning into three-color brilliance and sweeping towards Loki’s body.
Loki didn’t even look back, he just stretched out a palm, and an energy flow suddenly emerged out of thin air, centered between Loki and Pei Jiao, from the sky to the earth, several meters thick on one side, and dozens of kilometers up and down, left and right. A wide-range energy barrier was erected between the two.
“You were once the strongest man, but now you are just an ant, but you can touch the one who is a god.