ly.” Ye Chenyu pulled Su Xiaocui’s other cheek again and took out a very small and exquisite pocket watch from his inner pocket, “Here, this is for you.”

“Thank you, Master Ye.” Su Xiaocui took it and was overjoyed. It was such a beautiful pocket watch. At the same time, she touched her cheek. She almost had a dumpling face before. Fortunately, Master Ye had been away for several months, and her face recovered. Come here, I’m afraid I’ll turn into a dumpling face again.
Su Xiaocui continued to spray water mist on the white roses. Ye Chenyu walked in and came to the kitchen first. A large bowl of good black chicken and ginseng soup was left untouched. Ye Chenyu drank a bowl by himself and drank the rest. The bowl of noodles was carried to Su Mei’s door upstairs.
“Come in.” Su Mei’s voice was lazy and somewhat absent-minded.
/Ye Chenyu opened the door and heard something wrong with the sound of footsteps. Su Mei turned her head, then turned back expressionlessly, “Why are you here? No one announced it. There are really no rules.”
“Xiao Cui thinks that I am my uncle. My uncle comes to see the young lady. What is the message? How can there be so many rules.” Ye Chenyu placed the noodle bowl in front of Su Mei.
Su Mei glanced at the noodle bowl, still looking at the green bamboo clump on the balcony opposite the living room with an expressionless expression.
“Shall I feed you?”
“I won’t eat.” Su Mei was afraid that he would pick up the bowl and have to feed her. Then her lips would be smeared with chicken soup, which would be greasy and ugly.
“Why are you angry?” Ye Chenyu is still very patient. The most important thing is that Su Mei is very good-looking. She is as generous as her own little girl, and she has a different style when she is angry.
“When I woke up in the morning, there was a gust of wind, and the bamboo was swinging around all the time. It made me upset when I saw it.” Su Mei frowned and was about to get up and call someone to chop down the bamboo.
Ye Chenyu held her hand, Su Mei turned back and raised her chin slightly, looking at Ye Chenyu coldly.
“Are you angry because I didn’t come over last night?”
The cold expression on Su Mei’s face was as if the ice and snow on the ground had been thrown onto a stove of charcoal fire, and instantly melted away, turning red and steaming out.
“You, you, you, do you think I am that kind of romantic and despicable woman! You are frivolous to me and insult my honor. I want to go home and tell my father!” Su Mei stood up angrily.
Ye Chenyu pulled Su Mei into his arms and held her tightly, the smile on his face not diminishing.
Su Mei struggled, looking at the hateful smile on Ye Chenyu’s face, clenching her teeth, feeling miserable and aggrieved, trying to open her eyes wide to prevent the full water from spilling out of her eyes like autumn ponds.
/“I came here yesterday. I had to knock on the door and come in. You must be embarrassed at night and won’t let me stay overnight. It’s okay for me to climb a wall and drill a window, but you have to deal with so