ook shape and immediately attracted Bai Xianyin’s attention.

Bai Xianyin’s eyes were a little surprised.
Although the principle of the psychic seal is very simple, it only took half a day to successfully complete it, which is considered extremely fast.
What’s more, Zhang Jian seems to have succeeded in practicing the Soul Seal together.
After successfully practicing, Zhang Jian glanced at the invisible seal in his hand, and a smile appeared in his eyes.
Not only this psychic seal, he also successfully practiced the soul-melting seal.
But for a moment, his eyes fluctuated slightly, and he did not directly step forward to put the psychic seal into the body of the dying Phoenix Spirit Ghost King. Instead, he took out the Phoenix Soul Pearl and condensed his magic power into a psychic seal into it.
In the eyes he and Bai Xianyin shared, the brilliance of the psychic seal gradually seeped into it.
“It works! It seems that the white bird didn’t lie!”
Zhang Jian looked at this road, his eyes moved secretly.
When he thought about it, since the Phoenix Soul Pearl was part of the soul of the Phoenix Soul Ghost King, it was natural that the psychic seal could be integrated into it.
The best thing is that the soul inside the Phoenix Soul Pearl has no resistance, so there is no need to worry about backlash.
After the psychic seal penetrated into it, a hint of temptation suddenly appeared in Zhang Jian’s heart.
Since the psychic seal can penetrate into it, can the soul-melting seal also penetrate into it smoothly?
When the Phoenix Soul Pearl is integrated into the Fengling Ghost King, maybe he can directly control the soul of the Fengling Ghost King and directly refine it into a spirit ghost?
Chapter 93: Relief from Disaster
Seeing the change in Zhang Jian’s brows, Bai Xianyin’s heart moved, and she immediately guessed Zhang Jian’s thoughts. She wanted to speak, but she closed her mouth in an instant, waiting for Zhang Jian’s decision.
Facing such a huge temptation, Zhang Jian looked difficult.
The temptation to own a mythical beast is great!
But the risk is also huge!
/He knew that if he chose to add the soul-melting seal to it, he would definitely resist violently after the Phoenix Nirvana.
He could imagine.
Ordinary spirits will violently resist when a curse is placed on them.
Not to mention Phoenix Soul, a divine beast with a noble nature and unusual pride.
“Maybe this is a test?”
/Zhang Jian’s eyes sparkled.
After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Jian quickly decided to give up.
To be honest, the temptation to control a mythical beast is too great.
What a divine beast that exists.
If you can control it, you will have an extra trump card in your hand.
The benefits are too great.
But he could only give up.
First, the probability of success is not high.
Secondly, what Zhang Jian wants more is immortality. It is good for him to successfully control a phoenix, but failure may make him miss immortality, but Zhang Jian is not willing to bear such a loss.
Give up this kind of temptation becau