, but as a beast god, it can hide back in the beast world, but of course there is no hope of coming down.

Just like what Mo Shan did back then, some opportunities require the right time, right place, and right people, and you only get one chance.
But, but, Tianjie was scared away by Wang Meng.
Damn, this guy is a monster, an evildoer, he can scare away the catastrophe
The old man was also dumbfounded. His power was indeed worthless in front of the Beast God, because the power controlled by the Beast God transcended this plane, and even the laws were useless.
But the way of heaven is one, if this kind of power appears, the disaster will inevitably be destroyed.
But Tianjie was scared away.
And the person who scared away the catastrophe actually looked regretful.
There were not many people who could stay on the field, and the few who could see this doorway stared at Wang Meng with their mouths open.
What is Tianjie afraid of?
After the heavenly tribulation dissipated, the old horse became the old horse again. In the Middle Thousand Realm, its sixteen-clawed true dragon body of ten thousand tribulations was not suitable to appear. On the one hand, it was to crack the old man’s sword master, and on the other hand, it was also for the purpose of cracking the old man’s sword master. Causing catastrophe.
The result turned out to be such a ghost.
At this moment, everyone knew what the Taboo Group was.
The beast gods have appeared, what else is there to do!
Bu Lao Bu snacked on a lollipop and walked to the middle of the field. In fact, there was no longer any field, and everything around him had been razed to the ground.
Wang Meng dodged and came to the field.
/Before the start of the game, this was something no one could have imagined. The Holy Temple defeated the Eternal Eternal Team 3-0.
The last game will definitely be between the old and the young and Wang Meng.
Maybe, just maybe, if neither old nor young defeated Wang Meng, everything would start over again.
Until now, not many people can figure out Wang Meng’s power level, but no one dares to underestimate him.
A being surrounded by so many powerful forces. If he is weak, only ghosts will believe him.
I don’t even believe it!
“What’s the way to play?” The old man looked at Wang Meng with a smile.
“We don’t need to go to war, let’s get down to something practical. You have a good understanding of the order of time, and I have done some research in this area, so you might as well come directly.”
Wang Meng said, he is quite old. Don’t move your arms and legs.
Immortal smiled slightly and said, “Okay, I have a little question, did you come down from above, or came up from below.”
“Those who come up from below must go up.”
“I guessed it. But I didn’t expect it to be possible. This is going against heaven.”
“My destiny is against heaven.” Wang Meng’s voice was calm, but full of infinite domineering power.
That’s what Mo Shan said back then, my destiny is against the will of heaven. Today, this seed has not only sprouted, but also grown stronger.