out its magical effect.

This object is a strange object of chaos, called the Flower of Wishes. It can fulfill the host’s ‘wishes’ three times!
She had used it twice before and got huge benefits from it.
However, this strange object also has a price. The ‘wishes’ of the strange object are limited, and it needs to pay part of the price.
The price is luck.
/Although not equivalent.
Compared with the benefits gained, it is worth paying some luck.
However, if the ‘desire’ is too exaggerated, if it is ‘impossible’, it will burn a lot of luck.
Mother Goddess Yuan Guang thought about herself and felt that making a wish to leave this place should not be considered a special ‘wish’!
But as a god who truly traverses the depths of the original ocean of chaos, she has second-hand preparations.
She summoned a top-notch acquired spiritual treasure around her.
It is a piece of jade Ruyi filled with golden light.
/It seems that countless golden clouds can be seen flowing around Jade Ruyi, and countless innate Hunyuan Qi are flowing. Jade Ruyi’s handle is inlaid with seven orbs of various colors, the yin and yang of heaven and earth, and the five elements are all in it. A seal is formed in her hand, and Jade Ruyi turns into a A colorful divine light enveloped the whole body.
At the same time, each petal of the gray-white strange flower in front of him was blooming with intense divine light. At this moment, the infinite torrent of time and space burst out from it, and a miniature long river of time and space emerged from inside, instantly covering the Mother Goddess of Yuan Guang and swallowing her into it.
Above the Guixu Tribulation Eye, Zhang Jian’s whole body was covered with purple-yellow divine light to stabilize himself from being swallowed up by the Guixu Tribulation Eye, but his huge spiritual will spread out and enveloped the center of the golden sword light roulette.
However, he could sense that an invisible vast space-time divine energy burst out at this moment, covering the true body of Yuan Guang Mother Goddess, and instantly jumped out of the sword light field formed by the sword light roulette, taking it with him and leaving in an instant. The blockade of Kaihuang Sword Qi.
“It’s quite amazing!”
Zhang Jian felt the strange power and was a little surprised in his eyes.
That strange force accelerated in an instant and flew towards the sky above Guixu Jieyan.
Although its trajectory is mysterious, in fact, it cannot escape the subtle perception of Zhang Jian’s Yuanshen will from beginning to end.
And it goes without saying what this means to Mother Goddess Yuan Guang.
Zhang Jian’s face remained unchanged, and he changed the sword moves of the Kaihuang Golden Spirit Sword in his hand. The long sword was in his hand, and his other hand pointed like a sword. The vast Yuanshi divine light touched the depth of the sword hilt, completely activating the Kaihuang Golden Spirit Sword. The deep [Kaihuang] personality.
A vast sword light bloomed from it.
The dazzling sword light expanded, and at this mome