n crouched down, stretched out a hand and gently Lifting the chin of the female cultivator surnamed Hong, there was a sense of frivolity in her shamelessness.

“Well, when did that fellow Yin Xianhe break through to such a level, escape, strike, and use illusion to defeat the two of us so easily? If it were more than a month ago, he would definitely not have such fighting strength.” He said. At this point, the female crown surnamed Hong couldn’t bear the pain and groaned again.
Su Nu’an and Liexin Shura Sect fought for more than ten times during the End of Dharma era due to the spiritual stone resources. Each of them was very clear about the other’s strength. Yin Xianhe, who had been following Mr. Shura for many years, was definitely not like this at this time. Strength, if they were not caught off guard, the two of them would not be defeated like this, divided and defeated.
Speaking of this, the female cultivator surnamed Hong suddenly thought of something and said in shock: “I didn’t expect that your Fierce Heart Shura Sect also received a response from the gods at that Immortal Dao event. It was even more deeply hidden, and it was not until today that it broke out in one fell swoop.”
The word “strength”, the female crown surnamed Hong did not say out loud after all, because the Shura Master, who had been smiling calmly, suddenly pointed like a sword and directly cut off her vital throat that was not protected by the body-protecting true energy shield. “Hiss, hiss!” The crimson blood spurted out, flowing down the snow-white neck of the female cultivator surnamed Hong, and then fell on the snow again, dyeing a patch of melted snow and crimson.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, the shrill scream of the junior Su Nuan buried the Shura Master’s faint muttering to himself, “You foolishly exposed all your strength without a certain foundation. If I don’t kill you, who will I kill?” From his arms. Pulling out a white brocade handkerchief, he slowly wiped his blood-stained hand clean. Then the young man threw it away and threw the red-stained white silk on the snow. Such beauty was like blooming suddenly on the snow. A red plum.
“It’s true that Liexin Shura Sect is very strong, but Young Master doesn’t take my Man Monk Temple seriously enough. Guests invited by our temple will be killed if Young Master asks. Today Young Master is here to participate in the opening of the spiritual realm. Or are you here to cause trouble?”
/A strong monk with a solemn and even cold expression slowly walked into the arena. Originally, no sect in the Snowy Mountains was willing to get involved in the grievances between Su Nu’an and the Liexin Shura Sect, but after fighting, Damn, people are dead now, and they are still in the area that Manseng Temple is responsible for. So even if the monks of Manseng Temple don’t want to take care of this matter, they can’t ignore it.
/However, just as the monks of Sunu Nunnery were eagerly waiting for the great monk of Manseng Temple to deliver justice to them, bursts of eagles and cranes suddenly sounded in the sky