h his body and mind. The degree of fit is far greater than that of holding the Shura gourd. Zhu Peng, who has less than ten years of experience.

But even with such pressure, Zhu Peng still rushed faster and faster, pressing with murderous intent, becoming more and more fierce as he got closer. Such an attitude made Ling Luo and Han You’er in his arms unconsciously focus all their attention on him. “Bang” Shura Gourd’s relative defense composed of iron sand magnetism was completely broken. Because iron sand and magnetism are mixed and used, the relative defense power is far less exaggerated than the absolute defense wrapped in iron sand.
However, relative defense also does not have the same shortcomings of absolute defense that will affect the caster’s escape speed. The two are also cost-effective, and it all depends on the control of the caster. At the moment when the iron sand and the magnetic shield shattered, an iron ring entity in the Yinlun Iron Ring was slightly “stagnant” due to the powerful spiritual force.
/If it were an ordinary monk, it would be difficult to see the dissonance at that moment in the high-speed movement and the phantoms all over the sky. But Zhu Peng is not an ordinary monk. He drives the most powerful true spirit bloodline in Qinwangling, Zipotian. eye.
He clearly captured the slight moment of incongruity. The Sheshen Sword came out, a spiritual-level sword, and Zhu Peng threw it with all his strength without hesitation. Note that it was thrown rather than controlled. The Bajian Sheshen was like a disposable javelin. It was shot out by Zhu Peng’s hands and passed straight through the spiritual iron ring. The strong purple fire attached to it The yin flames directly suppressed and dispersed the spiritual energy and thoughts above.
The next moment, the spiritual iron ring was carried by the She Shen Sword and flew far away.
/Chapter 229 It’s purely a food delivery
The sky-wide shadow around Zhu Peng suddenly dispersed by more than half. Just like Zhu Peng’s ten puppets, the combat power of the ten puppets when they are together is one hundred, so the real combat power of a single puppet is definitely less than Ten, it would be nice to have seven.
The same is true for the Yinlun Iron Ring. One is the main attack and the other is the main defense. The Yinlun is the main attack and the iron ring is the main defense. If the two cooperate, the power and damage are more than doubled. The double rings were thrown out by Master Lingluo just because he was against himself. Just absolute confidence in driving skills.
He does have the qualifications to be confident. The spiritual energy and spiritual thoughts on the iron ring have clearly been dispersed by Zhu Peng with half-baked Zixiao Yan, and nailed to the ground by the She Shen Sword. But at this time, Master Lingluo said With all my heart moving, the iron ring still undulated and moved faintly. Although it was not strong, it kept impacting the She Shen Sword. It’s just that Zhu Peng didn’t care. Before the iron ring hit the She Shenjian, t