teach him swordsmanship, he can.

It’s just that Huo Qingman’s identity and status are very special. In the eyes of any big boss in Blood Soul Ridge, she is by no means the ideal being to inherit Zhu Peng’s terrible skills, so at this moment, even Zhu Tiejai has to make a sideways decision. Explain, otherwise, I don’t know how the rumors outside will spread in the future.
Those in power cherish their reputations just like birds cherish their feathers. Although he knew that slight verbal comments could not hurt Zhu Peng at all, Zhu Tiejai still tried his best to reduce the negative impact on Zhu Peng within a controllable range.
On the stage, the tornado of sword energy at the end of the crossbow was still extremely powerful, crushing all the way. Although this form was arrogant and domineering, it greatly enhanced his own momentum, but it was also an external manifestation of Huo Qingman’s complete inability to control the direction of the sword tactics.
After the last few wooden puppets scattered all over the place, the weakening momentum of the sword energy tornado became extremely obvious.
However, it is obvious that even the weakened Sword Qi Tornado cannot be easily fought head-on by Gong Hanying. Under normal circumstances, once Gong Hanying is attracted by its super strong attraction, he will inevitably be involved. It’s like a piece of pork being thrown into a meat grinder. Even if the meat grinder only rotates for one second, the poor pork will inevitably change from a three-dimensional ball into many planes.
/However, even at this time, Gong Hanying still had a cold face and remained silent, neither attacking nor defending. It gave the impression that she was confident, but she was still sucked into the huge tornado!
/At this moment, even the Foundation Establishment masters on the stands, and some of them were nervous. Huo Qingman was indeed unable to display the subtle changes in the high priest’s sword skills, but he could simulate a lot of power. A Foundation Establishment The cultivators below were unprepared to be involved in it, even if they were immortal, a Lingchi-style serious injury was inevitable. Although Li Zhe, the eldest elder of the Li family, has devoted himself to cultivating in recent years and no longer dotes on his granddaughter, but no Favor or not, if you kill someone else’s granddaughter by Ling Chi, wouldn’t this be a disguised form of forcing the poisonous dragon son Li Zhe to become angry?
Fortunately, at this time, a cold and faint whisper sounded: “Don’t worry, it’s just an illusion.” Su Yu said this calmly while sipping the fragrant tea.
Sure enough, a moment later Huo Qingman stumbled out of the sword energy tornado with a pale face, and at this moment. There was a strange water ripple in the air behind him, and Gong Hanying’s figure suddenly appeared more than ten meters behind Huo Qingman.
At this moment, there was a short sword as black as ink in her hand. This weapon did not look powerful or sharp, but everyone present felt an extremely terrifying force from it.