secret realms and ruins, or try to get some special innate wisdom to supplement one’s own magic power.

secret realms and ruins, or try to get some special innate wisdom to supplement one’s own magic power.
Although immortal cultivators live long lives, time is also precious.
Although Lord Yin Shen has a lifespan of nearly three thousand years, he can be said to have an extremely long lifespan.
/Some special Yin Shen Lords possess some special secrets of life extension, and it is not a big problem to live for one or two thousand more years. They can go to some special secret realms, or travel through the stars through the void realm.
But for Lord Yin Shen, every time he practices a Yin Shen spell or even survives a great catastrophe, it takes time to recover. Even after exploring some special ruins, he will be injured and it will take time.
If it is not allocated properly, time will still not be enough.
In the end, the body will still decay, and the Yin God can only escape into the Nine Netherworld, become a ghost, or embark on reincarnation.
Although Zhang Jian entered the Yin Shen realm at a young age, for him, the situation in Daqian Chaotang was changing rapidly, and he had to have enough strength to ensure that no accidents would occur.
When the Zhang family gains momentum, it must have the deterrent power to suppress all enemies.
Of course, Zhang Jian is also accumulating strength, waiting to reach the Ninth Five-Year Plan, and use this to cultivate the Sheji Yuan Shen.
Taking the map of mountains and rivers as the foundation of the soul, once the power of mountains and rivers is used to achieve success, Zhang Jian calls it the emperor’s soul.
The spirit of the emperor of Sheji.
At that time, he will be comparable to the achievements of the ancient holy kings, and he will also dominate the world and dominate the era.
Zhang Jian finished his practice. At this time, he looked towards the top of his head. As the wisdom around him converged, he looked around and saw that the jujube tree seemed to have wisdom. There were dozens of round yellow jujubes falling down. They were big and plump.
“You old jujube tree is quite clever!”
/Zhang Jian smiled slightly when he saw this scene.
This jujube tree was nourished by his magic power for several years, and gradually developed spirituality and was nourished by his magic power. As spring passed and autumn came, it also received blessings and became a spiritual tree.
“But a dozen won’t be enough. There will be distinguished guests coming to the mansion later, so give some of your money!”
Hearing this, the jujube tree shook slightly, and dozens of shining red dates fell from the top of the tree. Each one has a round head and contains a lively brilliance.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Jian asked the maid to go to the small kitchen to make a few snacks and dishes.
Soon after, the concierge came in to announce that Chao Mu, the chief steward of the inner court and the commander of the black-clad guards, came to visit.
Zhang Jian smiled slightly and did not go to greet him. He just asked someone to bring Chao Mu in.
Hearing the footsteps behind