possible accidents.

possible accidents.
“Of course I accidentally blew it up, otherwise it would have been him? His fireballs couldn’t hurt my armor at all!” Liu Yuxuan has been trapped in the extreme pain of having his Xuanwu armor stripped off by Liu Gan. When Sun Qi asked him, he immediately answered her decisively.
“I think so, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. Isn’t your Six Meridians Divine Sword too unstable? It would actually self-destruct.” Sun Qi couldn’t help but feel relieved after hearing what Liu Yuxuan said.
/“Yes! What kind of broken game is this? There is such a bug! Damn it!” Liu Yuxuan cursed loudly.
/After Sun Qi confirmed with Liu Yuxuan, he rode the flying carpet to the competition stage and stopped diagonally opposite Liu Qian.
Sun Qi had suffered a loss from Liu Gan once, so she would definitely be extra wary of Liu Gan under normal circumstances, especially since Liu Gan also took away Liu Yuxuan’s armor. She could tell with her buttocks that Liu Gan must be a little weird. But Sun Qi still wanted to have this duel with Liu Qian, not only because she wanted revenge, but also because of the treasure at the bottom of her box. As long as she took it out, she felt that she would have no problem defeating Liu Qian.
Although this treasure is a one-time use, it will make her feel distressed to use it, but as long as she gets the nearly two hundred gold coins in Liu Qian’s hand, she can buy super powers at a very discounted price from the super power store. It’s not a bad loss.
During the decisive battle, she would wear the frost armor on her body to prevent Liu Qian from sneaking up again and burning her clothes with his weird fireball, which made her so embarrassed and angry that she could not respond correctly to his subsequent attacks. Sun Qi’s purpose in this decisive battle is very clear, which is to defeat Liu Qian until he admits defeat, then strip him of his clothes, make him kneel down and beg for mercy in front of everyone, slap him in the face and kowtow, and then she will use her Ice Soul Silver Needles were inserted into non-vital parts of his body, and he was tortured for days and nights in order to repay the humiliation of being stripped of his clothes and spanked, and of being humiliated after she fell into a coma.
“Are the restrictions around the competition stage still open for this competition?” the task organizer asked Sun Qi and Liu Qian.
“Of course.” Sun Qi quickly answered the task organizer. If Liu Qian jumped off the stage and surrendered at the beginning, she would not be able to avenge herself.
“Whatever.” Liu Qian still had an indifferent attitude.
“How do you, a level 10 player, have the confidence to think that you can defeat me again?” Sun Qi felt very angry when he saw Liu Qian’s unconcerned expression.
Liu Gan has played three games. Judging from the moves he uses over and over again, there is only one move, throwing fireballs. In Liu Qian’s first match, Sun Qi thought that he was too careless and lost to Liu Qian without wearing a battle armor. In Liu Qian’s seco