es are really attractive to boring people.

es are really attractive to boring people.
Neither the Minister of Armed Forces nor the Deputy Minister of Xiangsong Town came over. Liu Xiaoyi hung the work permit of the Minister of Armed Forces around Liu Gan’s neck. There was no need to swipe a card when entering or leaving the sports center. Although the ticket price was only one holy coin, public power was not wasted. No need, right?
When the two entered the sports center, the competition had already begun. The competition stage was located in the center of the iron stadium. There were large screens on both sides of the stadium, which broadcast the competition in the competition stage live to nearly two thousand spectators.
The competition is in the ring. Each town sends one person to the ring first. The winner stays in the ring, the loser is kicked out of the ring, and then another person goes up to fight until all five people on one side lose.
Liu Xiaoyi led Liu Qian through the stands and all the way to the infield. They found a position near the competition stage and stood there. When the two of them arrived at the competition stage, the competition was almost halfway through.
/Rainbow Town did not send out the level 8 master at the beginning. Instead, like Xiangsong Town, it sent several level 4 and 5 players up, deliberately fighting inextricably on the stage, causing bursts of laughter to erupt in the stands. Applause, this is also the request of the tournament. After all, there is an hour before the iron ball match. The purpose of arranging this competition is to make up for the time.
In addition, Governor Wang personally opened the market for the audience to place bets, which naturally made the first few games of the competition more exciting, and then everyone would strive for the final victory based on their strength.
“This round, Xiangsong Town wins! Now the main ringmaster of Rainbow Town takes the stage!” The host announced with the microphone, and the atmosphere in the arena suddenly became extremely lively. The bored spectators who were watching would yell a few times no matter what happened. Sound, to vent the boring energy that I have accumulated these days.
“There are still three of you left. There is only one person left in Rainbow Town. It doesn’t look like he will lose! Your brother doesn’t need to be in a bad mood because of this, right?” Liu Qian asked Liu Xiaoyi. Originally, Liu Dagang was in a good mood. It’s none of his business, but now Liu Dagang is in a bad mood. Liu Xiaoyi will not be able to ask him for a recommendation in a few days. Liu Gan will be in a bad mood if he can’t get a recommendation from the mayor, so he has to care about Liu Dagang’s mood.
“It’s useless, their challenger is a level 8 master! No one on our side can deal with him.” Liu Xiaoyi shook her head.
“Level 8? Is it too shameless for Level 8 to participate in a competition of this level?” Liu Qian frowned.
“Yes! It’s really shameless! But Governor Wang acquiesced, there is nothing we can do!” Liu Xiaoyi looked helpless.
The two were ta