ring that they would become the next unlucky guy.

The outstanding performance made all the soldiers of the Wright County Regiment burst into cheers.
I don’t know who started it, but countless soldiers shouted together: “Knight of the Divine Bow!”
The originally tense war atmosphere was instantly dispersed, and morale was suddenly mobilized.
In contrast, the orc army was looking gloomy and gloomy at the moment.
Realizing that something was wrong, the wolf officer immediately ordered: “God Archer, fight back!”
The centaur archers who came out of the team in response set up their bows and arrows, then stopped again.
This distance has exceeded their longest range. Counterattacking means nothing except wasting precious arrows.
But in just a moment, these exposed archers had become Hudson’s targets.
Facing the arrows flying towards them, everyone was so frightened that they hurriedly fired arrows to intercept them.
There was a “bang” sound, and the arrows from both sides actually collided in the air.
It was a peak showdown, but unfortunately the situation was one-sided.
After defeating the intercepted arrows, the arrows fired by Hudson still hit the target. Three centaur archers and one unlucky guy fell to the ground.
The obstruction just now was not in vain, the power of the arrow was greatly weakened, and it did not continue to gallop on the battlefield after hitting the target.
Hudson was also secretly surprised by the scene before him. There is actually someone in the orc army who can stop an arrow with one shot, he is a perfect marksman!
Unfortunately, these centaur marksmen were unlucky and encountered cheating enemies.
/I felt sorry for my opponent in my heart, but the work in my hands did not stop.
The enemy hasn’t touched it yet, but one of our own people has lost a piece first.
The leader of the wolf clan who received the message was furious and ordered angrily:
“The enemy has only one archer, and he has already shot so many arrows. He can’t hold on for long.
The entire army launches a charge and tear these human bastards apart! ”
The horn of charge sounded, and the officer who gave the order accidentally exposed himself. Just a few steps forward with the army, he was taken away by an arrow that shot through the air.
The power of an individual can only play a small role in the melee of tens of thousands of people.
Seeing the chaotic orc team rushing over, Hudson put away his bow and arrows.
The purpose of destroying the enemy’s morale was accomplished. The group of cannon fodder in front of him was not worth his waste of arrows.
Seeing the enemy approaching, Hudson secretly regretted that he did not have a long-range attack weapon in his hand. Otherwise, in this chaotic scene of the orc army, he could definitely kill a large area in one go.
“A group of archers are ready, release!”
“The second team of archers is ready, let go!”
“Spear thrower prepares, release!”
Quietly watching his officers direct the battle, Hudson seemed like an outsider.
At this moment, his eyes were no longer on