one, the fifth-level bishops expressed their opinions. As more and more fifth-level bishops spoke, several fifth-level bishops who did not want to speak had to express the same opinions.

At this time, no fifth-level bishop could stay away from the matter.
The fifth-level bishops present all agreed on one thing, and that was that fighting Lord Arthur, whether it was an assassination or an ambush, would only lead to death.
/No one doubts the power of Lord Arthur. Lord Arthur has placed his power in the hearts of the fifth-level bishops through repeated achievements. The most important thing is that the death incarnation was killed, which made the fifth-level bishops lose a Fighting spirit.
“Everyone has the same opinion, so ‘Twilight of the Gods’ will maintain its previous attitude towards Lord Arthur, and we will drag it on slowly!” Ironside’s fifth-level bishop said in a deep voice.
Since Speaker Gould came to power, the world of gods has entered a period of calm. The activities of evil god believers have decreased, and David is also practicing in seclusion on Garmis. These two causes of the death of nobles have not taken action. Even the Noble Affairs Office The workload has been reduced a lot.
Only the Temple of War is a little unusual. It has doubled the merits of the Death God believers, so that almost half of the tasks in the recent period have been to exterminate the Death God believers.
/A month has passed. In the seemingly peaceful world of God, many top nobles have seen strange things happen.
In the beginning, it was the War Temple, and later other temples also participated in the elimination of Death God believers. Sometimes the temple even took action directly, without even having time to release the mission.
This is completely different from the normal purpose of the temple. The temple rarely participates in worldly affairs. It is the affairs of the followers of the evil god. As long as it is not too important, it will issue tasks for the knights to complete.
That time there was a fifth-level bishop on Duner, so the Temple of Justice and the Temple of the Earth were dispatched together.
However, the Death God believers that were recently eliminated by the five major temples were all ordinary believers. The Temple Intelligence System found that the Death God believers that had not been dealt with were all eliminated this time.
This method is completely intended to exterminate the Death God believers, which has to make the top nobles think about it.
Of course, a large number of tasks are also a carnival for the top nobles. Lord Gould added ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ to the list of merit exchanges. Although it only takes five small merits to exchange for one bottle, the top nobles also feel expensive, but this clear code The price tag sets a unified standard for the value of ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’.
It just so happened that the rewards for missions related to Death God believers were doubled, and there was almost no chance that these missions would fall into the hands of other nobles