the looming Garmis star in the distance and announced in a deep voice.

“Yes!” The War Temple responded with a somewhat suppressed voice.
The God of War rarely issues direct oracles against someone. This time, without even a reason, he attacked a top noble lord, and he was also the strongest knight in the divine world.
There are no opinions within the War Temple. Ninety-nine percent of the members of the War Temple are nobles.
Although after entering the War Temple, the priests broke away from their status as nobles and no longer had any relationship with their families, people all have feelings. How could the blood-related family ties be broken off so easily?
These priests need to look at this matter from the perspective of the interests of both the temple and the nobles. The arrest of Lord Arthur is definitely a major provocation by the temple against the nobles.
Archbishop Guy didn’t say anything else. He probably knew a little about what these people were thinking.
The temple has been seriously infiltrated by nobles in recent years. Through this incident, the infiltration can be discovered. After Lord Arthur is solved, the interior of the temple will be reorganized.
Just as Archbishop Guy was thinking about it, a ‘starship’ at the front exploded.
/“What happened?” Archbishop Guy asked inexplicably.
You must know that this is space. In the divine world, if there are no enemies within the horizon, then this range of space is safe.
Long-range strikes may also be achieved by the temple using some means, but needless to say the accuracy and the power of faith consumed are terrifying and completely impractical.
So Archbishop Guy led ten ‘starry sky ships’ to Garmi Star, without even opening the energy shield, and just flew like this in a swaggering manner.
“All the ‘Starships’ have activated their energy shields. Garmi has energy weapons from the Interstellar Federation!” Bishop McKinley said with an ugly expression.
“Boom!” Bishop McKinley just said it, and two more ‘starships’ exploded in space.
After the three ‘starry sky ships’ exploded, the priests who were lucky enough to survive, as long as they did not reach level four, all suffocated to death.
The attack of the main gun was too sudden. These middle and low-level priests entered the space environment without being able to install life-support disks for themselves. Without the ability to survive in space, they were instantly strangled by space.
Fortunately, Bishop McKinley’s order was timely, and the energy shield of the War Temple’s “Starry Sky Ship” can be automatically activated only after receiving a command, so the following battleship’s main gun has never been destroyed in one hit. Effect.
But the situation at the Temple of War is not good. The energy shield can barely block the attacks of these main guns. Only the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ that Archbishop Guy rides on can easily block the attacks of the main guns due to the function of the divine pattern.
Archbishop Guy’s expression changed completely. To be honest, he had never suffered such a l