The doomsday weapon system, which costs astronomical amounts of money to build, turns out to be a one-time consumption of weapons.
Eight energy beams gathered together in the air and turned into a colorless energy.
This is not really colorless, but the energy is too strong and the light is affected, preventing effective color feedback.
The colorless energy beam shot towards the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, and space lost its meaning in front of the colorless energy. Just when the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ felt danger, the colorless energy beam hit its divine body. .
The energy beam exploded on the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’. The 300-meter-long ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ turned around at the last moment, allowing the blow to hit the side of his body.
/The defensive effect of the golden armor on the body surface of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was reduced by most. What’s more serious is that this colorless energy caused great damage to the inside of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ divine body.
The most terrifying thing about this colorless energy is that after hitting the target, it will form a full coverage attack effect within a small range.
/No matter how powerful the insect shell defense of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ is, it cannot prevent the colorless energy beam from destroying the interior of its divine body.
“Squeak!” ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ made an extremely painful sound, and then its body suddenly fled towards the chaotic star field.
“Don’t run away!” Annabelle Templar wanted to stop the ‘Emperor of Titan’s Golden Armor’ from escaping, but as soon as she swung her golden battle ax, she found that ‘Emperor of Titan’s Golden Armor’ had inspired some kind of escape energy, speed. Faster than her golden battle ax.
Annabelle Templar looked at the ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ who went away and quickly disappeared, and it was a pity that he did not pursue him.
The God of War uses the Divine Descent, and the duration of the Divine Descent will not be too long. With the escape speed shown by the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, the Annabelle Templars can catch up, and the Divine Descent time is probably almost over. .
“What did you do so early? I almost got rid of this bug!” Annabelle Templar complained to the four descendants.
“If we don’t take action, you will be embarrassed in front of the Interstellar Federation and many knights!” Goddess of Knowledge, the God of Knowledge, said with a smile.
The God of Knowledge was telling the truth. If he hadn’t seen that the God of War was likely to suffer a loss, how could the four gods come over immediately.
You must know that the envoys of their four gods are not as good as the envoys of the God of War. The divine power they can withstand is limited, and the combat power exerted by the gods after their descent is far inferior to that of the God of War.
The main purpose of the four gods’ descent was to scare away the ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’.
Their goal was also achieved, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was not prepar