ridiculously strong. In some aspects, he is more powerful than the Grand Master.

In terms of his physique, he is considered a great master now!
However, after reaching the Grand Master, there will be some strange changes, and those characteristics will soon be reflected. These did not happen to Wang Xuan.
Those signs are that some almost supernatural abilities have emerged one after another, such as spitting out an energy beam from the mouth and cutting off the opponent’s head.
Others can do it, condense flames from their own bodies, and shoot out a bright real fire, which can directly severely damage the opponent, or even burn it to ashes.
/There are even people who can make their internal organs roar, thunder burst out, and kill their opponents.
Lao Chen once demonstrated the Thunder Technique, which was extremely powerful and defeated various secret techniques in the new art field.
Wang Xuan can also resonate with the five internal organs, but with only the sound of thunder and the faint flow of light, he cannot directly shoot out a beam of light to kill the opponent.
Therefore, he thinks that he is not a great master yet.
But he is not disappointed. What does this mean? His foundation is so solid!
He is still in the accumulation stage, and when he can show the characteristics of a great master, he will be even more amazing.
Besides, his current strength is not afraid of the Grand Master!
He was looking forward to seeing what changes there would be when he really set foot in that field.
“Big Jiao, forget it. I guess when I reach the realm of Grand Master, I don’t want to cause trouble to you. It’s best if we don’t see each other in the short term.”
Apparently, he had thoughts about that otherworldly creature.
Wang Xuan glanced at Zhao Qinghan and found that she had taken the Nourishing Lotus, her eyes were closed, and she was sitting silently, her forehead shining brightly.
He realized that classmate Zhao had an unusual spiritual practice, and the nourishing lotus would probably be of great benefit to her.
He walked aside, slapped a palm against the cliff to test his strength, then turned around and ran away. The cliff disintegrated, and the cliff above collapsed with a rumble.
For an ordinary pair of master-level creatures, they can probably be patted into meat pies with just their hands!
/Soon after, Wang Xuan came back and found that Zhao Qinghan was a little strange. He glanced at him a few times, then looked unnaturally and looked away.
At first, he didn’t know what was going on. Then he saw a ray of light flashing in front of Zhao Qinghan’s forehead, and he suddenly realized something.
The light mist is somewhat like the spiritual realm, but it is obvious that it is still some distance away from its initial formation, and it is not as good as what he had earlier.
Zhao Qinghan’s mental power is abnormal and somewhat special. He even hypnotized him with his spirit when he was a rising star. The Zhao family is married to the aborigines, and when Zhao Qinghan uses his spiritual power, his pup