issatisfaction. They are both people with stories, and they are the ones who are. Compassion for each other.

Next, Wang Xuan used the Royal Dao Flag to suppress the Feathered Banner. Yun Shuhe did not show any pretense and directly refined it. At his level, everything fell into place.
Because, at this moment, he had become a strange person, and the purple energy from the sky was poured into his body. His whole life was sublimated, improved, and unfathomable.
But he did not go to overcome the tribulation immediately. He used the feathered flag to cover his energy and temporarily suppressed it.
The Feathering Banner has a new owner and has been fully refined.
Next, Yun Shuhe passed on two mysterious and powerful scriptures, Jiyin and Jiyang, to the woman in the black banner.
At the same time, he also asked Wang Xuan to write it down, saying that these two articles were very special. After practicing to the end, after the two articles were blended, the texture of Yudao appeared naturally.
Wang Xuan also gave him the Yin and Yang chapter he had obtained a few days ago on the spot to see if he could make any useful supplements.
In fact, during this small gathering, Wang Xuan, Yun Shuhe and the woman in red had a very lively chat, and the exchange of scriptures was naturally indispensable.
They talked a lot about scriptures and meanings, because they came from the same universe and meeting each other in this foreign land was a kind of fate, and they felt particularly close.
“In ancient times, not everyone died.” Wang Xuan told Yun Shuhe that a large number of extraordinary beings from the mother universe had followed him.
Mainly because of the two consecutive “transportations” in ancient and modern times, those immortals and demons from all walks of life who had no hope and were destined to rot in this world came with them.
In addition, a handful of top people such as Fang Yuzhu and Yan Mingcheng opened the way for extraordinary people who had the courage to travel far and led a large number of people across the sea.
“Senior, if you have time, you can walk around and look for those people. You may be surprised and discover the descendants of your old friends, or even old friends who are still alive. Everything is possible.”
Sure enough, after hearing Wang Xuan’s words, Yun Shuhe’s reserved temperament showed a bit of edge. Looking at the vast sea of ????stars, he decided to go take a look.
While sorting out the “blessed land” used by Shang Yi to store things, Yun Shuhe accidentally discovered that his sword was still as sharp as ever, even though it had been dusted for thousands of years.
“Let’s go, I’m going to take a look around.” Yun Shuhe stood up, took the Yuhua Banner with him, and said goodbye to Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan gave him an extraordinary communicator. If anything happens, as long as he is not extremely far away and is in a special place, he should be able to contact him.
/Yun Shuhe was more reserved. In the silence, he ended up feeling a little lonely and sad. He stepped into the deep space, tr