the most powerful scriptures.

But he knows almost everything and has studied it in depth. Now he is not limited to these methods, he is interpreting his own understanding of the larger realm.
How could Miao Gu be in a peaceful state of mind? All the saints resonated with him, and the opponent could advance and retreat calmly, choosing one to break every time. He used all his methods to quickly defeat the opponent.
The Dao of Balance was terrifying, and it was suppressed by Wang Xuan. Then the magical methods of Dao and Kong appeared at the same time, and the two collided, detonating the deep space.
In a daze, the universe on the other side was shaking.
/In the new world, the extraordinary beings who are watching the battle are even more frightened. What level of forbidden magic is that? It’s so terrifying, the path of Tao emerges, resonates with the infinite deep space, and then explodes again!
Wang Xuan did not take it lightly. His understanding of the Dao of Balance made him fearless of suppression and rebalancing, and he still attached great importance to the collision between Dao and Konglu’s forbidden method.
Suddenly, 36 layers of heaven appeared in front of him, and the rotten sutras suppressed under it broke free in an instant, clattering and turning, and the meanings of the sutras illuminated the world, interpreting the light of the forbidden law that has no path and emptiness.
Miao Gu was immediately frightened. This was two more changes than the simple text of Tao and Kong. Is Wang Qingzhou showing off the Secret Chapter with him?
/He realized that the universe where the other party came from was the same extraordinary world as nothingness and existence. The secret inheritance between him and Wang Qingzhou should be quite related.
Big explosions in deep space and 6 forbidden-breaking methods appeared frequently. The scenes were quite terrifying. The mythical sea formed by poisonous fire emerged and then evaporated dry, turning into a place of destruction.
The forbidden spells of Wu, Being, Tao, and Emptiness burst out, disrupting the entire time and space!
Miao Gu staggered backwards, leaving bloody footprints in the void. Daoyun and True Blood gathered together and never dispersed. He displayed several six-breaking skills, but was targeted instead.
All the spectators had serious expressions. They could not understand the terrifying realms presented in the six chapters of Secret Breaking just now. Accompanied by heavy fog, a terrifying glow of runes spread out, and a large area of ??deep space was destroyed. This was truly close to the holy level. Field, right? !
It took a long time for the red mythical sea to gradually surge over, and the poisonous fire and ripples of order refilled the place. However, in the void, many terrifying large cracks and abyss plowed by rules seemed to have been preserved permanently. No more healing.
“Although you are a Lubreaker, you are not a creature that came out of the Old Saint’s Laboratory, are you?” Wang Xuan asked.
In an instant, Miao Gu’s pitch-black bi