hrough the mountain yet. Let’s go, be careful, and rush in!” Aoki shouted, and the energy gun in his hand swept directly in.

Amidst the muffled groans, the sound of falling to the ground came from the heart of the mountain.
Suddenly, Qingmu fell forward. At the same time, Wang Xuan felt his hair stand on end, and he also fell to the ground.
With a pop, a transparent blood hole appeared on the chest of the kite next to him. The protective clothing could not block it, and blood spattered everywhere.
The kite fell directly to the ground and died without even a groan.
Although his mind was mature, he was still greatly touched and his heart was shaken. It was a living human life. One moment, he was walking side by side with him, and the next moment, he was bloody and died miserably on the ground.
He was asking himself, had he chosen this path too hastily? It was completely different from what he had imagined.
He has parents and relatives waiting for him at home, so he cannot die outside.
Wang Xuan asked himself to stay calm and survive no matter what. The prerequisite for the expedition was to ensure that his life was safe.
“We haven’t killed them yet, but they can’t help it anymore. There’s nothing to say about that.” Aoki growled, first adjusting the output power of the energy gun to a lethal level.
He swept through, and then showed his amazing ability. In the darkness, he braved the flying beams and rushed in. His perception was super strong, he wandered in the underground palace, and avoided many beams of energy light in advance.
Wang Xuan was surprised. Aoki was indeed an incredible strong man and a great master.
The light of the knife lit up, and Aoki rushed to those people, directly used the alloy knife, and used his terrifying skills to swing the knife in the crowd, with terrifying lethality.
“Charge!” Black Tiger, Kite and several other groups of men and horses all rushed over.
Wang Xuan also moved, still using the stun effect of the energy gun. In the process, he knocked down several people.
/Although it was his first time coming into contact with this kind of weapon, he could hit even when strafing at close range.
Wang Xuan was very cautious, moving along the mountain wall many times, hiding behind the rocks in the underground palace, and passing by the energy light several times.
Soon the energy beam disappeared, and people from both sides encountered each other and fought in close quarters.
“Aoki, I met a super master. This man has mastered profound new techniques. I can’t stop him!” Black Tiger shouted, he was covered in blood.
One person’s palms glowed and he slashed towards the black tiger. A large piece of light rained down like the sunset. During the collision, half of the black tiger’s body was covered in blood.
Aoki roared, rushed over, and violently collided with the master.
At this moment, the mountain wall broke open, and someone smashed the rocks and fell into a passage. Sure enough, as Aoki guessed, there were spiderweb-like underground roads nearby, which h